Secret Service Agents Abandoning Trump If He…

It has been noted that a group of House Democrats on Friday introduced legislation to strip former President Donald Trump of his Secret Service protection if he is convicted in one of the myriad criminal cases against him via Just The News.



Trump is currently on trial in Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s case over allegedly falsifying business records and he has pleaded not guilty and contends that the case is part of a broader political witch hunt against him. He also faces a couple of separate federal indictments from special counsel Jack Smith and a fourth from Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

“It is regrettable that it has come to this, but this previously unthought-of scenario could become our reality. Therefore, it is necessary for us to be prepared and update the law so the American people can be assured that protective status does not translate into special treatment —and that those who are sentenced to prison will indeed serve the time required of them,” Mississippi Democratic Rep. Bennie Thompson said, according to the Washington Times.

Dubbed the “Denying Infinite Security and Government Resources Allocated toward Convicted and Extremely Dishonorable (DISGRACED) Former Protectees Act,” the measure would be applicable to anyone with Secret Service protection convicted of a crime punishable by more than a year in prison.

It has been noted that Thompson, for his part, was chairman of the House Jan. 6 Committee, which led a high-profile probe into the events at the U.S. Capitol on that day.

Trump’s trial in the Bragg case is expected to take several weeks and will overlap with oral arguments at the Supreme Court on April 25 over his claims to enjoy presidential immunity, which could impact his other cases.

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