Senator Rejects Audition To Be Trump VP

Senator Marco Rubio, the Republican from Florida, has adopted a low-key strategy in his pursuit of becoming the next Republican vice-presidential nominee. This approach contrasts sharply with other potential candidates who have flaunted their support for Donald J. Trump at various events and rallies. Rubio’s cautious approach stems from his past interactions with Trump during the 2016 Republican nomination race, where he faced relentless mockery and taunts from the former president.



Despite this history, Rubio’s discreet maneuvering has earned him a position among the leading contenders to join Trump’s ticket, according to advisers to the former president. As the son of Cuban immigrants, Rubio’s appeal to Hispanic voters could be a significant asset for Trump. Moreover, his seasoned political experience and relationships with Republican donors may help reassure moderate voters.

However, Rubio’s subtle campaign has left Trump wondering about his level of interest in the vice-presidential role. Trump has privately questioned Rubio’s desire for the job, uncertain about whether Rubio truly covets the position. Additionally, there are logistical hurdles to overcome, including concerns about both candidates being residents of Florida, potentially violating constitutional provisions.

Despite these challenges, Rubio has subtly aligned himself with Trump on various issues, such as voting to certify the 2020 elections and raising doubts about the fairness of future contests. He has also joined other potential contenders in opposing certain legislation, demonstrating his willingness to challenge the status quo.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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