Shane McMahon Humiliated By Stephanie Before Departure

Court Bauer said on a recent edition of “” that son of WWE’s Vince McMahon, Shane-o-Mac or Shane McMahon, was demoted to working in the basement in the 2000’s and in-charge of running All this while his sister, Stephanie McMahon, remained on “Titan Towers” 4th floor – humiliating Shane all the while. Obviously, that was a humiliating experience, but it didn’t restrict Shane from making various comebacks leading him to put on some of the greatest WrestleMania matches in the show’s near-forty-year epic history.

Here is a link from the recent show:

Major League Wrestling owner Court Bauer has additionally revealed some scrapped WWE plans involving Shane’s dad, good ‘ol Vinny Mac, or Vince McMahon, and the Bret Hart angle at WrestleMania 22.

Over the WrestleMania 22 weekend, Canadian wrestling icon Bret “The Hitman” Hart was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Bret was uncomfortable participating in the festivities for the Hall of Famers during the WrestleMania card, as was mentioned by the ring announcer at the time.

On a recent edition of The Insiders podcast, Court Bauer outlined the original plans for Vince McMahon and Bret Hart at WrestleMania 22. The two men were set to collide at the event with The Hart Foundation in Bret’s corner, and Triple H, Shawn Michaels and HBK’s students in Vince’s corner.

Vince McMahon instead squared off against HBK.

The match was a “no holds barred” and featured McMahon taking his aggression out on Michaels assisted by his supposed “divine” help. This was a direct mockery to Michaels’ real life Christian faith. For those who believe in Christ and in God, the mockery created by McMahon at the event was absolutely disgusting. The arts does allow for creative freedom, but Vince McMahon, there is one that you never mess with in this universe, and that is the Jesus Christ and God Almighty. Michaels would leave victorious after jumping off a ladder onto a prone Vince.

The match was just one chapter in a year-long feud between McMahon and Michaels, resulting in the reunion of the nineties faction, D-Generation X.
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