Shane McMahon Sent Package To Fired WWE Star

Shane McMahon is a troll and stars have said this before, but now it’s a for sure as JBL recently said that the song of the boss sent him a very odd package for Christmas. Certainly, Santa Shane delivered a gift that kept on giving. Ric Flair ‘Offensive’ College Rumor Revealed.



In a recent interview, JBL stated that following about the gift that Shane McMahon sent to him: “By the way, Shane one year hits me with a chair and he dents it, you know like I did you [Pete Gas], and so I don’t think anything of it,” said JBL. “The next Christmas, I get a package in the mail and it’s that chair and it’s autographed by Shane. It was great. It said, ‘Just thought you might miss the chair that your head dented.’ I’ve still got the chair. It was awesome.”

WWE banned steel chair shots to the head in 2010 due to the many real injuries that stars were getting. JBL was always known to be very stiff and rough in the ring, so it’s nice that he got what was his and not only that, but he got what was coming to him sealed in a nice little gift that he now cherishes.

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