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AEW has made waves in the industry by bringing in a plethora of high-profile signees. One name that was rumored to be part of the company even before they announced their existence was former WWE superstar, Goldberg. However, he ultimately signed a new deal with WWE, leaving AEW out of the picture.

Recently, Tony Khan, who now has control over Ring of Honor (ROH), was asked about the possibility of Goldberg joining the company. While he acknowledged that ROH does not have the funds to bring in a big name like Goldberg, he stated that the door is still open for AEW.

Khan went on to explain the differences between AEW and ROH, highlighting AEW’s bigger budget and production values. He also mentioned that AEW is focused on developing young wrestlers, while ROH caters more to a hardcore fanbase. However, he did not rule out the possibility of bringing in wrestlers that people would be excited to see, but emphasized the importance of staying true to each company’s character and values.

“Goldberg in Ring of Honor is never going to happen. However, I do think that [Goldberg acquisition] would be interesting for AEW. That is another great example of the differences between AEW and Ring of Honor. AEW has a bigger budget, but I try to take the production values of AEW and use some of the synergies so ROH can leverage AEW’s great production team and assets.”

“But, at the same time, it’s also great for AEW to develop young wrestlers, to have some of the top stars come here [to ROH] and represent that company. At the same time, there are things I would do in AEW that are more expensive. There are things in ROH that are more catered to a hardcore fanbase. I know we can bring in wrestlers that people will be excited to see, but that might not necessarily translate to a huge Neilsen rating. Although ROH has done record live gates and revenue over the past year or so, I don’t want to do something out of character [by bringing in Goldberg].”

It is worth noting that Goldberg’s WWE contract expired at the beginning of this year, and he has yet to sign with another pro wrestling company. While it remains to be seen whether he will ultimately end up in AEW or not, the possibility is certainly intriguing for fans of the industry.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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