Shane McMahon WrestleMania Paycheck Leaks

Shane McMahon obviously has unlimited power within WWE as his father is Vince McMahon. Shane’s WWE paycheck was just revealed after WrestleMania. AJ Styles & Omos ‘Pulled’ From WWE Raw



It was stated in financial records, “Shane McMahon was retained as a performer for the Company for which he received minimum guaranteed performance fees and royalties aggregating approximately $820,369.”

Shane could easily bring back anything he would like to at this point not only due to the relations and ties he carries, but also because Shane is fun to watch on WWE. Maybe Shane might bring back this force of a stable…

In a recent episode of ‘Writing With Russo’ Vince Russo wrote out what it would be like if Shane McMahon were to lead Retribution. Now, I must state first off that Vince has had hits and misses with writing. Some would argue more misses than hits, but let’s see how Russo writes this out.

Vince Russo states that the beginning of the storyline would be Shane coming back to wrestling once again while Vince states “How many times are you going to jump off a cage? Bring me something new.” Shane is then seen going to gyms to ready himself and comes back to Vince to speak with him about an idea, but we never hear what the idea is until later on when members start coming in one by one and each Retribution member starts hurting people.

Russo then states how there would be a revolving door of Retribution members. After one member injures someone and then gets suspended, another comes in. After all members have come in, hurt people, and have been suspended, we see that Shane McMahon was behind it the whole time. In Russo’s writing, he mentions how Shane would think to himself “I’m going to ruin my dad’s show the same way he screwed up mine (WCW).”

Vince finishes about his storyline creation as he states his storyline would take a year to unfold while WWE ends storylines before they even start. He stated that WWE often doesn’t “set the table” and rather just throws storylines in your face with no backstory.

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