Shaq Physically Assaulted On TNT In Video

Fans have witnessed the history between NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal and the NBA on TNT Christmas tree. It was noted that while covering last night’s game between the LA Lakers and Cleveland Cavaliers, Kenny Smith hit Shaq as they raced to the studio’s giant screen.



Shaquille O’ Neal was hilariously shoved

The hit sent the 7’2 360-pound O’Neal flying into the Christmas tree and hitting several carefully gift-wrapped boxes along the way. Shaq sold the bump very well as the collision with the unsuspecting decorative tree looked so natural.

O’Neal outweighs the diminutive Smith by at least 100 pounds. Despite the obvious disparity in size, it took little more than a slight nudge to send Shaq flying into the Christmas tree.

The race to the studio’s screen was to analyze certain plays but a hit caused O’Neal to collide with the Christmas tree. It is not something new. Both have collaborated before, about seven years ago, to pull off the same hilarious stunt.

Back then, O’Neal was quicker and surprisingly outran Smith going to the board and was a step ahead when Smith shoved him into the Christmas tree. It took him a little longer to get up from that hit compared to what happened last night.

The hit by Kenny Smith and the ensuing collision with the Christmas tree didn’t seem to bother Shaq. He was all smiles and even in a more jovial mood than before the incident took place. About an hour after the original tree crash happened, the four-time champ returned for more.

“I dive into that tree right now and break some more branches.”

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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