Shaquille O’Neal Getting Wife Pregnant After Divorce?

NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal has played for six franchises during his legendary NBA career that spanned 20 years.The Los Angeles Lakers legend Shaquille O’Neal has been one of the most successful basketball players ever to play the game. He broke several records and earned numerous accolades cementing himself as one of the game’s legends.



It has been witnessed that he has a large family, total of six kids, three boys, and three girls. He is a very strict and devoted father and he loves his kids dearly. But Shaq doesn’t seem to be done with having kids just yet. Five months after his ex-wife Shaunie’s wedding, he has a huge admission to make for his future family.

Shaquille O’ Neal wants more babies

Shaq is a family man. He likes spending time with his kids and when they were young, he built several things for them in the house. Along with that, he taught them how to be disciplined and to stand on their own feet.

Shaquille O’Neal is known as a strict father and he has some crazy rules for his kids. If his kids want a part of his wealth, they need to show him at least two degrees. And only then, he will invest in them. He has rules for his boys- that they need to leave the house when they were 18. He wants them to make their own place in the world and not depend on their father. Although, Shaq supports them throughout and will help them get to where they need.

However, Shaq is not done yet with his family. His ex-wife Shaunie got remarried again five months ago. And after that, Shaq now reveals that he too wants a future family. He was on the ‘2 Lies and 1 Truth’ podcast and there he was talking about his future plans. Subsequently, the Big Diesel revealed that he wants two more kids.

Shaq adds:

“Just healthy babies, jumping up and down. I think at the tender age of 50, it’s going to keep me young”

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