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Shelton Benjamin Update, Daniel Bryan on CWC Finale, Hulk Hogan and WWE Back Together?

– As we previously reported, Shelton Benjamin underwent surgery to repair his torn rotator cuff on September 7th, and is still expected to return to the WWE for the SmackDown brand in the next 6 months or so.

– Hulk Hogan has been featured on some of the WWE Network’s commercials recently, causing some to speculate if Hulkster and the WWE are back together once again following their parting ways after Hogan’s racist comments. WWE is reportedly ‘testing the waters’ with him, according to The Wrestling Observer.

– SmackDown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan took to Twitter to comment on yesterday’s Cruiserweight Classic Tournament finale:

  • D2K

    He never should have been fired for something he did in the past while he wasn’t under WWE contract in the first place. Don’t even need to point out the numerous instances of racism from WWE over the years that did NOT involve Hulk Hogan. I would say this. If they felt it would be that damaging in regards to investors and sponsors to keep him around, RIGHT NOW isn’t exactly the best time to bring him back.

    I’m sure the BLM movement would have a thing or two to say to fuel their agenda.

  • MrDr3w

    Booker said the N word on tv too, so it’s fair. Plus, it was a different time for the WWE. Hogan put them in a very precarious position with all the media coverage that it got. Vince’s mishap got literally NO coverage. It’s moreso about the media and shareholders forgiving him than the fans.

  • JC Bolden

    Testing the water? It’s Hulk Hogan. He screwed up. Lots of guys screw up. Vince said the N word on TV to Cena in front of Booker T. Bottom line is fans will accept him back.