Why SmackDown Stars Are on RAW, Updates on Sin Cara & Averno, The Undertaker

– The RAW Supershow was announced by Triple H on RAW last night because the feeling is that SmackDown needs a boost and with SmackDown stars appearing on Monday nights, hopefully it will translate into better business at live events.



– The “new” photo of The Undertaker in scuba gear on a boat that’s going around the internet is nothing new and was taken almost a year ago, according to several people.

– Hunico was the man behind the Sin Cara mask at last night’s RAW. Word going around at RAW was that the original Sin Cara, the former Mistico, is done with the company.

On a related note, word is that the idea of bringing in Averno from Mexico to work with Cara has been dropped.

Partial source: PWInsider

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