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SmackDown superstar posts cryptic message

WWE SmackDown

SmackDown Live superstar Eric Rowan recently posted a GIF from his official twitter account with the caption ‘Sometimes a shadow emerges from darkness, quite different than one might expect.”:

This tweet has ignited rumors of what this could mean for the future of Rowan and if it is an indication of his on screen role in the upcoming time.

It’s interesting to note here that according to some rumors, WWE is planning to repackage Eric and Luke Harper and put them together as a tag team.

So the ‘quite different than one might expect’ line has led many to believe that the duo might re-debut on WWE programming very soon with their new gimmicks.

Since WWE is filling up the SmackDown episode tonight with some interesting matches and segments to avoid drops in ratings while competing to NFL, it looks to be a very good destination for Harper and Rowan to make their return on WWE Programming.

Though at this point all these talks are just rumors and it’s yet to be seen whether or not this tweet actually leads to anything.

  • CC

    Twice now they have tried to push those two as singles competitors, and twice it has failed.
    Just bring them back as a tag team, and have done with it. No messing with new gimmicks. Just stick with the Wyatt family gimmick without Bray.

  • Arnold Jackson

    He and Harper post cryptic messages every three or so days. To pick out one and analyze that is just cherry picking for a bs article. Do better.