Snoop Dogg Daughter Drops Racist Bombshell

It was recently noted that the popular rapper Snoop Dogg celebrated the engagement of his youngest child, Cori, 23, who said ‘yes’ to her longtime beau, Wayne Deuce, who popping the big question at a family event. Wayne, who is the creative director for the Choc Factory beauty line, planned out just how he would pull it all off.



Snoop Dogg sends congratulatory message

The legendary rapper shared the news on his Instagram account on Nov. 25 after congratulating Broadus and Duece. In the upload, Snoop Dogg shared an image of his daughter flashing her ring as she stood in front of a “Will You Marry Me” sign. In addition to the photo, the “Drop It Like Its Hot” emcee expressed in the caption how happy he was for the couple. He wrote, “Congrats @princessbroadus baby girl U have been blessed @wayneduece love u son in law God is good.”

Snoop’s daughter wrote in July on her IG story, and later deleted the story, about rumors that her boyfriend was after Snoop’s money, “Y’all so miserable and it’s so sad. It’s so hard not to let [people’s] comments get to you cause you know deep down they struggling but I’m still human and words hurt.. How do y’all have time to sit on someone page and just talk s–t it never makes sense to me. But If they see you in person it’s another story. So so hateful. I’m praying cause that’s sickness fr.”

She added there was racism that played into it, “Y’all love saying a n–a must like me cause my daddy Snoop Dogg. Like why can’t he just love me for me.. It’s deeper then just being his daughter. I’m my own person. I’m more then that.”

“I hate that I feel I gotta go on here and do all this but I been dealing with this s–t since high school it’s frustrating as f–k to have to question if that’s the case. I hate it here. Y’all f–kn suck.”

Wayne selected a stunning teardrop diamond ring for his future wife, and had a huge sign created which read ‘Will you marry me Cori?’ as friends and family watched him get down on one knee. The My Family artist was on hand to offer his best wishes to the young couple who seemed to be floating on cloud nine in their matching pink sweatsuits. Sharing the good news on social media Cori posted a photo in which an off-camera Wayne holds her hand as she shows off her new ring, writing, ‘She’s a fiancé.’

The groom-to-be posted a sweet, if traditional, ‘Can’t wait to share my last name w/ you ❤️ My beautiful fiancé.’

Snoop pronounced his blessing on the union, with ‘Congrats baby girl U have been blessed. love u son in law. God is good.’

Wayne posted a photo of his own father with the rapper, labeling it ‘Pops in law and Pops.”

It’s believed Cori, who is an up and coming singer, has been dating Wayne since 2018 and they have stuck together through the ups and downs.

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