Snoop Dogg Drops Tupac Murder Bombshell

Popular rapper Snoop Dogg recently revealed that Death Row Records broke his spirit while he was an artist on their roster in the mid ’90s, and even worse, they were trying to kill him. He also talked about Tupac Shakur who was murdered back in 1996. During his visit to the 85 South show, the Doggfather reflected on his tumultuous time under Death Row and explained that signing with Master P’s No Limit Records saved his life.



Snoop Dogg talks about the matter

Snoop joined No Limit in March 1998 once Death Row had become a shell of its former self. The move to No Limit served as a resurgence for the West Coast legend that saw him release three multi-platinum albums.

“They was soldiers, for real. Organized. Structured,” he explained. “Them n-ggas didn’t play, and P was serious about his business.”

Snoop said when he first got to No Limit, Master P told C-Murder not to take Snoop to their native Calliope Projects, which he did anyway. The same thing happened with Soulja Slim who disobeyed and took Snoop to Magnolia Projects. However, Snoop was paying attention and understood he needed to be a student.

“I’m violating but then I’m listening then I’m watching how they not listening then I said, ‘I’m not going to be a bad student. I’m a stop doing what they doing,’” Snoop said.

Master P had Snoop working around the clock when it came to music, given the insane release schedule No Limit had back in the day. However, P allowed Snoop to make a lot of money off his work and even took him to purchase a home and car of his own. According to Snoop, it was the first time he ever owned something under his name because everything was under Suge Knight and Death Row.

Karlous Miller told Snoop he was humble enough to have gone to No Limit and basically start from level one. He was already a star thanks to his early works, but as Snoop Dogg explained that he wasn’t considering that because of the damage Death Row had already done to him.

“But I wasn’t,” Snoop told the 85 South crew. “My spirit wasn’t that. See that’s what you gotta understand. N-ggas broke my spirit. That broke me, man. They broke my spirit. Look, Doggystyle, working on Doggfather, win my murder case, Dre leaves, Tupac get killed, Suge going to jail, Death Row want to kill me. That’s all in the same year.”

Snoop now owns Death Row after acquiring it earlier this year. He has also kicked off a few initiatives, such as removing Death Row albums from streaming platforms and teaming up with eBay to launch the membership service Death Row Inmate Program.

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