Snoop Dogg Parties With Tommy Lee In New Photos

Popular rapper Snoop Dogg was recently spotted with Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee during German designer Philipp Plein’s launch party of his sneaker collaboration with Snoop Dogg. Tommy Lee posted pictures and wrote:



“So good to see @philippplein and catch up with the @snoopdogg !!!”

Philipp Plein collaborates with Snoop Dogg

“We have here the best shoes in the game, the best shoes in the game,” repeated German designer Philipp Plein at the launch party of his sneaker collaboration with Snoop Dogg. His iPhone in hand, Plein filmed a close-up of the sparkly purple kicks, panning up to Snoop’s smile. The rapper flashed a peace sign, blunt in mouth.

“But what is even better is the guy who’s wearing the shoes,” Plein continued. “Look at this. Who’s that, baby? Who’s that?”

“Hello,” purred Snoop, playing along.

“And look, look who’s standing in front of me,” Plein went on, revealing musician Tommy Lee — who performed at Plein’s last show in Milan.

“It’s the one and only Tommy Lee,” said Snoop. “It’s a legendary night, baby.”

It was an intimate gathering on Monday night inside “Chateau Falconview,” Plein’s Bel Air home. The main residence was up the winding road, sitting on 3.6 acres at a property reportedly worth $200 million. Combining Plein’s gothic aesthetic and Snoop Dogg’s legacy in the music world, with Lakers colors in mind, the two are offering a sneaker in two styles: a black and gold colorway designed with a platform heel, patent black leather body and gold logo, as well as a purple, black and yellow colorway embellished with crystals.

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