Snoop Dogg Was Saved Before Tupac Was Shot By…

Warren G stated that he might have saved rap legend Snoop Dogg from potentially being wounded or murdered in the drive-by shooting that took Tupac Shakur’s life.



During an appearance on Drink Champs, he recalled the events leading up to him being informed that Tupac had been shot and killed. He noted that while Snoop had originally planned to travel from Los Angeles to Las Vegas to attend the Mike Tyson vs. Bruce Seldon fight on Sept. 7, 1996, he had coaxed his former groupmate and childhood friend into hanging out with him for the night instead.

“The cold sh*t about it is, I had called Snoop,” Warren G told the show’s cohosts. “At that time, I was single… I had a house to myself. I was like, ‘Sh*t, I’m a bachelor. What’s up, Snoop? Come over! I’m here watching the fight, I’ma invite a gang of people over. We gonna barbecue.’” While Warren says Snoop initially declined his offer, he ultimately decided to surprise him and came to his house to watch the fight.

“He was like, ‘F**k that sh*t, I’m going to Vegas with 2Pac and them for the fight.’ So I was like, ‘Damn, ni**a! You don’t never kick it with me, sh*t.’ So a couple of hours went by, I’m in the house, getting everything ready. I heard a horn honking in front of my house. I looked out the house and Snoop was outside in a white muthaf**kin’ Rolls-Royce with the peanut butter inside with the top down.”

He continued, “He pulled up, he surprised me. He came and hung with me. He let me drive that muthaf**ka and we just having a good time, barbecuing, having fun. And the fight was coming on. He came to f**k with me for the fight instead of going to Vegas.”

However, it is noted that the rapper says the joyous occasion abruptly ended on a tragic note, as he and Snoop got word of 2Pac and Suge Knight both being wounded in the drive-by shooting that ultimately took Pac’s life days later on Sept. 13 1996.

“So we watching the fight, some females around. Everybody chilling and having a good time. [Snoop] had the Nextel back then. I don’t know what kind of Nextel he had, but whatever it was, it was hitting him all the way from what was going on in Vegas,” Warren G recalled.

“We could hear the sh*t, and then he started getting calls and they was telling him that 2Pac got shot. So I kicked everybody out and [Snoop] took off — that’s when he went to Vegas to go see what was going on and go to the hospital.”

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