Sources Say Michael Cole’s Ego Has Been Getting Out Of Control

Many within World Wrestling Entertainment feel that Michael Cole’s ego has gotten out of control in recent months. There have been reports of “The Voice of WWE” having tremendous heat amongst the locker room. In light of Cole’s Twitter miscue over the weekend, one company source gave his opinion on how the lead WWE annnouncer conducts himself behind the scenes.



“Is Cole getting a big head? HELL YES,” the source exclaimed. “Ever since he was reading the GM e-mails he started begging to become GM and walks around like his sh– doesn’t stink. He has an opinion on everything.”

The source also indicated that Cole berates creative writers who hand him scripts, as he feels he can say whatever he wants on television. Many feel Cole’s on-screen persona has gone to his head as how he portrays himself on television reflects his behavior behind the scenes.

The source indicated that incidents such as his flagrant remark on Twitter would be cause for termination if Vince McMahon was looking for an excuse to release a talent. However, the organization has too much invested in the Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole program to abandon it.

source: Pro Wrestling Torch

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