Speculation on What Got Daniel Bryan Fired from WWE, WWE-MSG

– WWE may have set it’s non-PPV record this past weekend with the WWE Supershow at Madison Square Garden in New York City. The show drew 19,000 fans and $850,000. This show sold out more than a month ago but it was noted by those in attendance that there were plenty of empty seats.



– While the tie incident with Justin Roberts is said to be the reason Vince McMahon gave to Bryan Danielson for his WWE release, some in the company believe that Danielson spitting on John Cena may have been the real reason. Vince hates spitting and has banned it in WWE’s rings for a long time. Vince has a hatred for people spitting, smoking and sneezing. At the same time, it’s pretty much guaranteed that Danielson didn’t spit on Cena without clearing the move with Cena himself ahead of time.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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