*Spoiler* On “They” Storyline – Several Returns Expected

Last Thursday on TNA iMPACT!, Amazing Red’s “little” brother (officially known as “Crimson”) put Abyss in a chokehold backstage and delivered a cryptic message to him: “They are coming.”



“They” will mark the return of the Main Event Mafia and will consist of Kurt Angle and Scott Steiner, and possibly Sting, Kevin Nash and Booker T.

Steiner returned to TNA at last Wednesday’s iMPACT! taping and participated in a cliff hanger ending. He donned a suit reminiscent of his time in the Main Event Mafia. Angle is penciled in for the group, and many within the organization expect Sting to be too.

Many in TNA presume that Nash is on board for the group. However, he adamantly said last week on Twitter that he is not because he is retired. Internally, many believe Nash is kayfabing his absence from TNA, but those close to him indicate he’s legitimately retired.

Booker T’s status remains unknown at this point, other than he wasn’t believed to have signed as of last week. Some were pleased with his departure from the organization in October 2009 as there were complaints about his performance, attitude, refusal to put over Matt Morgan in a match, and his own admission that he was using the company as a way to audition for acting roles.

Bobby Lashley has been mentioned by those in TNA as a possible member of the group. However, those affiliated with the mixed martial artist don’t believe he’s returning to the wrestling organization. Lashley is currently a free agent as his contract with Strikeforce expired following his loss to Chad Griggs in August. The only thing of note he has done since then is work a wrestling match for the Japanese promotion Inoki Genome Federation (IGF) in September. He is not tentatively not scheduled for any upcoming shows.

“They” would initially feud with Immortal and Fortune. The angle begins on the Feb. 3 iMPACT!.

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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