*Spoilers* TNA iMPACT Tapings – July 30th, 2009

– Here are TNA iMPACT tapings for next week’s show taped tonight in Orlando. This will be the 200th episode of iMPACT. Thanks to PWInsider and Ashley Colton:



Prior to the show, a group of new US Army Soldiers were sworn in, the entire locker room came out and stood on the ramp & applauded them, even started a “that was awesome” chant. BG James & AJ Styles came down towards the ring to shake the hands of each of the soldiers

*X-Division Title Match: Homicide defeated Amazing Red.

The Main Event Mafia come out and address the situation with Bobby Lashley. He then comes out and says he has a offer than Kurt can’t refuse..Mick Foley comes out and first thanks Bobby Lashley for saving him last week. He then mentions the offer that Kurt can’t refuse..he says its a tag team match with him & Bobby Lashley vs. Angle and Kevin Nash..even though its a tag match, both their singles titles will be on the line. If Angle or Nash get pinned they lost their respective championship. Angle says its on and
the match is set.

*Samoa Joe & Taz remain in the ring for Joe’s upcoming match.

*Hernandez defeated Samoa Joe w/Taz with a splash off the top rope. Hernandez has a new look, Mexican flag designed bike shorts, looked great. Crowd was hot for him the entire match and went nuts when he got the pin. Solid good match.

The World Elite of Eric Young, The British Invasion, Sheik Abdul Bashir & Kiyoshi come to the ring. Brutus Magnus introduces Eric Young as their leader. He says he’s the center of attention and belittles the fans about how they would laugh at him, who’s laughing now? He runs down America & the people who live here. He says he’s making his own decisions, he’s all about who he wants to be and begins to shave his head. He said this is where the entertainment ends and the violence begins. Team 3D comes out..Brother Ray on the mic says, this is America…love it or leave it. He says each of the World Elite can go back where they came from. He says when you hear tonight, Devon..get the tables…you’ll know you’re in the greatest country in the world. They charge the ring to start their

Tables Match for the IWGP Tag Titles: British Invasion defeated Team 3D to become the new champions. Earl Hebner was knocked out during the match, Devon put Brutus Magnus through a table, but Eric Young hit Devon with the title belt, then pulled Magnus from the rubble and revived Hebner for him to see Devon through the table for the win.

ODB w/Cody Deaner, Tara & Awesome Kong w/Raisha Saied defeated The Beautiful People when ODB rolled up Love. During the match, the Motor City Machine Guns came into the stands with signs saying “Yes, we still work here.” and “Conspiracy victims.”

*Second Match of the best of three series to win a chance into the Hard Justice 3 way Main Event against Kurt Angle & Sting – Matt Morgan defeated AJ Styles to even it 1-1 in the series.

*Eric Young & Sheik Abdul Bashir defeated Jesse Neal & Rhino. Young has his hair shaved real tight & is wearing trunks, resembles a Ringmaster Steve Austin. Post-match, Rhino yells at Neal about losing & not tagging him in. Neal apologizes & Rhino slaps him & gives him a Gore.

*No DQ Match: Scott Steiner w/ Booker T & Sharmell defeated Brother Ray w/Brother Devon. Pre-match Steiner & Ray banter back & forth about the legacy of the Steiner Bros & Harlem Heat. Ray says that both teams were household names but so is garbage & like garbage they’re getting old and they stink. It will also be Booker & Steiner vs. Team 3D at Hard Justice.

*Sarita & Taylor Wilde defeated Traci Brooks & Alyssa Flash when Sarita pinned Flash.

*Sting defeated Brutus Magnus. Post-match, Magnus & the World Elite beat down on Sting until Mick Foley & Bobby Lashley came down for the save. They were dominating until the Main Event Mafia came down and it was gangland beating until Hernandez came rushing to ringside swinging a giant chain. He chased off the Mafia. Afterwards, Mick, Lashley & Sting all pointed to Hernandez and celebrated in the ring.

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