*Spoilers* TNA Impact Wrestling Tapings – October 13th

– Thanks to Bobby Hairston for the following TNA Impact Wrestling spoilers from last night’s tapings in Knoxville, Tennessee. These will air on October 13th, the Thursday before Bound For Glory:



* The show opened with Daniels, Jerry Lynn, AJ Styles and Rob Van Dam brawling leading to a tag match with the four. Great high flying match with AJ and RVD getting the win.

* Kurt Angle came out and called out Bobby Roode. Angle gave props to Roode for beating all his Fortune partners but then put himself over and questioned if Roode can get the job done without James Storm to help him out. Roode acknowledged that Angle is the best but said he has more heart and will be the World Champion. Roode says no Immortal and no Fortune at Bound For Glory, just them two going for the World Title. Kurt agreed but announced Roode vs. Jeff Jarrett and Gunner for tonight.

* Matt Morgan beat Samoa Joe. Joe went crazy after the loss and attacked Morgan until Crimson came out with a chair. Morgan vs. Joe vs. Crimson in a triple threat is on for Bound For Glory.

* Mexican America came out and cut promos on Ink Inc. Jesse Neal and Shannon Moore ended up coming out and they brawled. Christina Von Errie, I believe, made her debut and helped Ink Inc. out. Ink Inc. vs. Mexican America for the titles is set for BFG.

* Brian Kendrick and Jesse Sorensen beat Kid Kash and Austin Aries.

* Winter, Angelina Love, Mickie James and Velvet Sky come out, followed by Karen Jarrett with Traci Brooks and Madison Rayne. Traci and Velvet tripped Karen which led to a fight that security broke up.

* Mr. Anderson beat Scott Steiner. Bully Ray was at ringside and got involved. Abyss came down and went to hit Anderson but turned and hit Steiner. Immortal came down and attacked Abyss, and beat up Anderson, putting him through a table.

* Bobby Roode beat Gunner and Jeff Jarrett in a handicap match by making Gunner submit. Immortal ran down afterward and attacked Roode. James Storm came down but they took him out also. Jeff Hardy finally came down and cleaned house. Hardy celebrated with Beer Money to end it.

* Hulk Hogan and Sting come out to end the show for their contract signing at Bound For Glory. Hogan flipped the table over and cut a promo on Sting. Eric Bischoff came out and distracted Sting, allowing Hogan to hit him with a chair. Hogan took it to the floor and beat Sting up, leaving him lay to end the go-home show.

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