*Spoilers* WWE SmackDown Tapings – August 7th, 2009

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– Here are live WWE SmackDown spoilers for this Friday’s show:

*Smackdown opens with video on Morrison vs. Hardy.

*CM Punk comes out and says he will stay the course and teach the fans the difference between right and wrong, even if so far all his work just seems to make the fans love Jeff Hardy more. He said that this is just another obstacle in his life that he will overcome. They showed Punk’s attack on Hardy last week. He said the fans love Hardy because he is just like them and none of them have the strength to be straightedge. He said none of them can be strong like him. Punk said they can boo him but the truth sometimes hurts and he will continue to tell it. The crowd was all over Punk. He accused the crowd of gobbling prescription medicine like Pez. He went on and on about all the vices people have that he doesn’t do…smoking, marijuana, alcohol. He told the fans that they need a straight World champion…they need CM Punk.

*World title CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy. Hardy attacked Punk before the bell. Officials pulled them apart. Out came Vince McMahon, who ripped on Teddy Long for not keeping control. He demanded everyone return to the back and said that since Long couldn’t control them, Vince will appoint a guest enforcer to maintain control….and he’ll make everyone wait and find out. Punk and Hardy began brawling again.

*In a really good match, John Morrison pinned Tyson Kidd after a split legged twisting press. Morrison slipped on a springboard kick so expect that to be edited out as he did the move a second time. Really good back and forth match with lots of near falls, highspots and some stiff kicks.

*Punk vs. Hardy with mystery enforcer is still on for later.

*By the way, The crowd was really into Morrison as a babyface.

*Slam Master J defeated Charlie Haas with a top rope splash. J wasn’t over with the crowd live.

*R-Truth vs. Mike Knox vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Finlay for WWE Intercontinental championship shot at Summerslam. Rey Mysterio does commentary at ringside. Lots of fast action. Truth does dive over top on Knox. Finlay goes for Emerald Frosion on Ziggler but Knox hits boot to face. Killings hits lariat off ropes for 2. Ziggler tosses Killings out of ring. Finlay cracks Knox with shillelagh. Ziggler nails Finlay with finisher and scores pin.

*Backstage, Maria and Melina talked about Maria’s relationship with Dolph. Melina said she was happy for Maria but she hears bad things about Ziggler in the locker room. Maria says the Dolph in the ring isn’t how he is outside of it and he treats her good. Melina said she was happy for her but to be careful.

*Chris Jericho vs. JTG. Solid back and forth match. Jericho nailed the Codebreaker on JTG but his arm and leg were under the bottom rope so ref wouldn’t count. Jericho jawed with the ref and Shad Gaspard, then pulled JTG to the center. He went to pick up JTG but was pulled into an inside cradle and pinned. Big reaction for Cryme Time since they are from Brooklyn.

*Great Khali destroyed Ricky Ortiz. Kane came out from under ring and tossed Khali out of the ring, then went after Runjin Singh and dragged him through the crowd out of the Arena. Khali slowly followed through the crowd 2 minutes later, possibly after a commercial break I’m guessing.

*Matt Hardy is introduced as the special enforcer for the World title match.

*Jeff Hardy vs. CM Punk. Jeff gets in Matt’s face but Matt won’t even look him in the eye, glaring away. Hardy is outside of ring enforcer. They went back and forth with a solid bout. Hardy went to the top but Punk cut him off. Punk nailed a superplex off the top for a two count. Punk nailed a martial arts combination and went for GTS but Hardy avoided. Punk rolled up Hardy but was kicked out of the ring. Hardy did a dive out onto Punk. The Hardys faced off outside. Punk hit a sliding kick but Jeff moved and Matt got hit. Jeff took Punk down and went for the Swanton. Punk got his knees up and went for the pin but at 2, Matt pulled the referee out of the ring. Punk began screaming at Matt but Jeff rolled him up from behind and Matt counted a fast three. A shocked Punk attacked Jeff and beat his head into the announcing table, then beat him with a chair. He stuck Hardys head in a chair and ran him into the ringpost.

Teddy Long came out and asked Punk if he was proud of himself and Punk said he was because Matt Hardy screwed him. Punk said he was and he wanted his rematch. Long said if Hardy can defend the title by Summerslam, Punk will get it…in a TLC match. Punk was pissed about the stipulation.

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