Stephanie McMahon Looks Like Mess In Wedding Photo

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H are certainly the power couple. Whether it’s behind the scenes at WWE or on camera, they have been one of the most powerful couples in the company. Hunter was named WWE Chief Content Officer shortly after his wife’s elevation to co-CEO following the resignation of her father, Vince McMahon, over the summer.



Since the dawn of the PG Era, the company’s higher-ups don’t always jump at the chance to acknowledge some of that period’s more controversial moments from that time, but every once in a while they make an exception — sometimes courtesy of WWE co-CEO Stephanie McMahon herself.

Back in 1999, during an on-screen relationship angle between McMahon and Test that ultimately led to an engagement and in-ring ceremony, Triple H revealed that he and McMahon had already tied the knot, albeit via a drive-in ceremony in Las Vegas, Nevada, while McMahon appeared to be passed out in the front passenger seat. While many believe WWE’s “comedic” use of date rape tropes are best forgotten, WWE analyst and host of the “Out of Character” podcast, Ryan Satin, doesn’t appear to agree, as he reminded fans of the segment after the announcement of his recent marriage.

In an homage to the infamous scene, Satin tweeted, “Got legally married at the infamous wedding chapel where Triple H and Stephanie McMahon tied the knot,” including a comparison image demonstrating how he and his new wife had recreated the moment. McMahon, who married Levesque for real in 2003, congratulated the couple via retweet, even going so far as to say:

“I highly recommend this approach! While not so memorable, it seems to work out alright!”

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