Stephanie McMahon Speaks On RAW Celebrity Guest Host Concept

Stephanie McMahon recently spoke to, in an article which states viewership of RAW has increased 10% since the celebrity guest host gimmick was introduced back in June. Here are some quotes:



– “We wanted a different way to get our product out there and talked about. Tying us in with celebrities in Hollywood raises our awareness and gets a variety of people talking about us, which is always a positive place to be. Hopefully it will translate to new viewers. For right now, it’s really working and clicking. But it’s just the beginning. ”

– “We’re letting them feel safe with the PG environment By bringing in the celebrities, we’re saying, ‘If it’s OK for them, it’s OK for you too.’ ”

– “We’ve gotten the point across that we are fun, we are entertaining and you are guaranteed to have a good time We’ve become a complement to the traditional circuit.”

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