Stephen Colbert Makes Trump Murder Accusation

Comedian Stephen Colbert recently blasted former President Donald Trump on Thursday as he compared the former president to a chainsaw-wielding criminal, a 19th century serial killer and an abusive ex-boyfriend.



Donald Trump was lambasted

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, announced Wednesday that Donald Trump’s ban on Facebook and Instagram would be reversed “in the coming weeks” because he was no longer a threat to “public safety,” according to an official statement.

“So they’re saying the former president no longer poses a risk, but the man is still on social media spreading the same lies that got people killed,” Colbert said Thursday, criticizing the tech giant.

Colbert joked that Meta should never be in charge of probation hearings for criminals:

“So, inmate 7214, you say after 10 years of incarceration, you would do it again in a heartbeat? You’re free to go. Here’s the home address of everyone who’s ever wronged you, and your chainsaw. We kept it oiled. Have fun!”

He also slammed Meta’s reasoning for reinstating Trump, comparing the former president to 19th century serial killer Jack the Ripper.

“Between knife thrusts, Jack the Ripper is a pretty chill dude!” Colbert said, adding that giving Trump Facebook access was like giving “the knife back” to the notorious murderer.

Colbert also made the case that Trump was “dragging [Meta] to hell” and was like an abusive ex-boyfriend.

“He’s like an ex-boyfriend saying, ‘I’m nothing without you, baby! Please take me back. You will? Look at this pathetic loser bringing back her favorite boyfriend, me. You can lose a few pounds. Hippie.”

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