Steve Austin and Goldberg embark in Twitter hilarity after breakfast ‘incident’

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Bill Goldberg are two of the greatest wrestling stars of their generation, and it wasn’t uncommon back in the day that the ‘casual’ fan would mix up the pair – after all they are both muscular, bald and bearded! 20 years later, it appears that restauraunts Denny’s and Waffle House are yet to get the memo…



Goldberg, who joined Austin in the WWE Hall of Fame this year, responded to this case of mistaken identity in kind last week, and a playful back-and-forth ensued between the former Universal and WWE Champions. Goldberg then offered to literally send waffles to the Broken Skull Ranch.

On Friday, Goldberg stopped at a Waffle House and asked Austin, “How do you want your eggs?”

Their exchange continued today with Goldberg saying he was mistaken for Austin at Waffle House.

Yes, it is quite a slow news morning.

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