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Steve Austin on KO’s use of his signature Stunner

After hitting a stunner on his return during SmackDown LIVE last night, he pinned WWE Champion Daniel Bryan, but also declared to mentor and originator of of said stunner, that he’d “finally figured it out.”

KO was criticized back in 2017 for not putting enough “stink on it” when he hit the same move on Roman Reigns, and Austin gave the Canadian a lesson in how to hit the move properly, including some physics, biology and a few examples from other combat sports.

Well, did KO convert those lessons in-ring, and was it up to the Rattlesnake’s high standards?

  • Soulshroude

    Move sets are legend. Lack of performance shows improper skill and
    handling. Superstars use legendary move sets only IF they can properly
    demonstrate the execution…

  • Soulshroude

    Gotta love rhetoric.

  • Charlie Bronson

    Being a legend means you can steal moves?

  • He wasn’t a legend when he started using the move.

  • v

    Austin is a legend, Owens and Ziggler aren’t.

  • Like Austin using the Lou Thesz press?

  • rob

    This only shows lack of originality, same as dolph ziggler ripping off hbk and billy gunn