Stevie Richards Discusses Extreme Reunion, Shane Douglas, Right To Censor, Chyna

This past Thursday, Stevie Richards joined Inside The Ropes to promote Extreme Rising events. Here are some of the highlights:



Thoughts on Sabu and Justin Credible at the Extreme Reunion Show: “It was disappointing. Sabu was already in the hospital by the time the show started. I witnessed first hand what happened to Justin Credible and that is not the Justin or PJ Polaco that I’ve known for 15 years. But I guess thats what happens with the demons of drugs and alcohol abuse. I haven’t heard from him since but I hope he’s getting the help he so desperately needs.”

Thoughts on Shane Douglas vision: “I would take the word Extreme out (as well as Reunion). Too many old guys don’t pass on their experiences to create the stars of tomorrow. That’s what I want to do with Luke Hawx instead of wrestling someone from the old ECW. It gives fans a fresh match.”

Why Right To Censor was good for the wrestlers: “It stopped the violence. Guys didn’t have to kill each other anymore, instead I’d come out and stop it happening and the fans would hate me. The fans appreciated it more because we didn’t have to do it as much anymore.”

Memories of working with Chyna: “She was a little bit of a nightmare to deal with. She was dating or engaged to you know who. She was a little more untouchable before everything else happened. She was a little hard to deal with. Not really exactly one of my favourite….plus she’s a girl, which is hard.”

In the 35 minute plus interview you can hear Stevie talk about his memories of the bWo, thoughts on the WWF/WCW Invasion and much more over at or go to for upcoming shows/guests.

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