Sunny Weighs in on AJ’s WWE Persona and her Locking Lips with Punk & Bryan

Sunny continues to respond to internet criticism of her “in-ring thong removal incident.” Here’s what she wrote on Facebook, mentioning AJ.
“AJ (whoever that is) sucked face with 2 men a few days ago on worldwide TV. totally trumpted what I did.. and I STILL GET CRITICIZED.”



“I didnt take a shot at AJ…I dont watch wrestling…any wrestling…so I honestly didnt know who she was. Once in a blue moon I’ll flip passed it on TV and I happened to see that angle…and didnt know who she was. thats all. period. no harm in not knowing. I dont know who half the guys on that roster are.”

She then went on to compliment AJ:
“If they are willing to finally give a chick a spot like that, with all the air time (like they did with me) more power to her. From what I saw, which was very little, she has her character down pat… and I love her facials. dont know where she came from, but she was either taught right, or just has it. I was never taught anything, it would just come naturally. If that is her case, fantabulous!”

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