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Sylvester Stallone is sadly getting a divorce, but his daughter Sophia Stallone recently posted beautiful swimsuit photos, as seen below.



Rocky 3 is back on TV screens as the legendary film continues to pack a punch decades later. Fans young and old always get a kick out of Stallone, but Stallone himself has seemingly taken a few kicks and hits as well through his career. One of which came from Hulk Hogan.

The Rocky and Rambo legend has just revealed a terrifying moment filming a scene in Rocky III when his opponent hurled him across the room and then charged him like “an enraged bull” and smashed his shin into Stallone’s collarbone, leaving the star fearing that his bone would be sticking out of his chest.

If you think this sounds like someone ‘Hulking out’ or rather like a wrestling move, you would be right.
In the movie, Rocky accepts a stunt match against wrester ‘Thunderlips’, played with ferocious attack on screen by real-life legend Hulk Hogan.

He recently stated about the incident: “I met Terry Bollea aka THUNDERLIPS aka HULK HOGAN In the very early 80s when I was directing Rocky III. At 6 feet 7 and 295 pounds with 24 inch biceps ! He was an amazing athlete! Incredibly powerful.”

Stallone then spoke very candidly about a time where he thought that Hulk Hogan literally broke him in half: “I remember a violent move where he threw me into the corner, charged across the ring like an ENRAGED bull and leaped so amazingly high above me that his shin-bone actually came down (like a) giant tree on my collarbone, and I tumbled to the floor.

Shocked, he didn’t know what to do next.

“I was afraid to look at my shoulder for about 10 minutes… I said ‘Don’t roll me over, don’t move me,’ because I was sure there was bone protruding through my upper chest! Of course there wasn’t, but I have never felt such a mind-numbing pain from a massive hit before or since that day!”

Not only was he the center of the carnage, but stuntmen were as well.

The Rocky actor closed: “Believe it or not when he jumped into the audience to fight with the stuntmen, three of them had to be treated at the hospital. Great guy, great friend, his presence made the film very, very special. HULK, if you’re reading this, it was a privilege to be mangled by such a gentleman.”