Sylvester Stallone Was Humiliated Sparring By Big Name

The legendary actor Sylvester Stallone gained huge success with ‘Rocky’ franchise. The former heavyweight title challenger Earnie Shavers tragically passed away this month at the age of 78.  The legendary boxer had a historic career competing in the ring, spanning over two decades from 1969 to 1995. Shavers was part of some of boxing’s most iconic moments facing the likes of Muhammad Ali and Larry Holmes, even giving them a run for their money. It has come to light that Shavers was once touted to play a role in Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky franchise. ESPN journalist Ralph Wiley revealed that the heavyweight legend was supposed to play the role of the iconic character Clubber Lang.



Sylvester Stallone and Earnie Shavers had an encounter

Moreover, Shavers even auditioned for the role during a sparring session with Stallone. ”

“Got a call and went out to try out for this part in ‘Rocky,’ the Mr. T Rocky, I think. Got out there and got put up in a good hotel for a change. Then got in the ring with Mr. Stallone,” Shavers told Wiley.

Earnie Shavers reveals how he was sacked by Sylvester Stallone

However, things wouldn’t go well for the heavyweight legend after Stallone asked him to punch harder. Being a professional boxer, Shavers was reluctant to do this but eventually ended up punching ‘Rocky’ in the liver.

“He said, ‘Don’t hold back, Earnie. Hit me.’ I said, ‘I can’t do that, Mr. Stallone.’ I could’ve, but I wanted that job, and I didn’t think that would help me get it. But he kept on pushing me, saying, ‘C’mon, show me something,’ and sort of hitting me, sort of. Finally, I said, ‘OK,’ and I give him a little one under the ribs, where the livers of boxers are.” he added.

Sylvester Stallone would get severely injured by the blows and needed to be escorted to the bathroom. Following this, Shavers would receive a message from Stallone’s team that he would not be getting the role.

“Anyway, Mr. Stallone called time — he didn’t say nothing, just kinda doubled over a little bit and sort of just waved his hand — and then somebody helped him out of the ring, and to this bathroom or somewhere, and he sent word out later that they couldn’t use me,”he said.

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