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Ted DiBiase on who came up with the Million Dollar Man gimmick

Ted DiBiase

The ‘Million Dollar Man’ gimmick of Ted DiBiase senior is one of the most iconic ones in the history of professional wrestling, let alone in WWE.

During a recent interview with Ring Rust Radio, Ted talked about his character and revealed that it was originally created by none other than the Boss Vince McMahon himself:

“The Million Dollar Man the character is actually a Vince McMahon original. It was presented to me and Vince kind of started laying it out. Vince said, ‘I chose you because you’re articulate; you carry yourself well; you interview very well; you are a great wrestler; you’re perfect for this.'”

Talking about the late WWE Legend Bobby Heenan DiBiase said that to him, Heenan was the best managers of all who can pick up a microphone and talk:

“Bobby Heenan to me, he was the best. Of all the guys that have been managers that can pick up a microphone and talk, he was a natural and so good. His character like mine was so hated, it was like a little weasel. Everybody wanted to kill him and that was the whole point.”

Apart from this, Ted DiBiase also talked about his career and more.

  • oppa

    Always heard that it was the character that Vince wanted to play himself but his father wouldn’t let him. The Mr. McMahon character is just a spin off of this one.