Terri Runnels Sues New Jack For Libel, To Stop Sale Of Sexually Explicit Photos

The Orlando Sentinal reports that former WWE talent Terri Runnels has filed a lawsuit against her former partner Jerome “New Jack” Young, accusing him of libel for what she calls a series of slurs he’s stated online about their sex life and her appetite for drugs and alcohol.



She is also asking the judge to prevent Young from peddling sexually explicit pictures of her.

The suit, filed in state circuit court Monday, seeks unspecified damages. His statements, the suit alleges, are untrue, malicious, outrageous and “exceeded the bounds of civilized society”.

New Jack and Runnels were involved in a romantic relationship for a year and a half but recently broke up. He then began posting comments on Facebook, accusing her of popping pain pills, drinking vodka and cranberry juice at 5:30 “EVERY MORNING!!” according to the suit. He’s also accused her of exposing partners to sexually transmitted diseases.

New Jack said that anything he’s said or written on Facebook about Runnels is true. Someone else runs his Facebook page, he said, and other people may have written things there that are untrue, in particular, allegations about a sexually-transmitted disease.

He admitted offering to sell sexually-explicit photos of Runnels. He’s not done that, he said, but he may have transmitted them at no charge to a friend from his cell phone.

“Sending somebody naked photos, that’s not a crime,” he said.

Runnels’ attorney, Alan Stagmeier fears New Jack would sell the photos before he could get the case in front of Circuit Judge Linda Schoonover, who’s been assigned the case. He’s asking her to issue an injunction, prohibiting New Jack from selling the photos.

Runnels consented to those photos, believing they’d be kept private, according to her suit.

The full article can be accessed here.

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