The Young Bucks open up on their retirement plans

The Young Bucks ,Matt and Nick Jackson are the AEW co-EVPs as well as performers.



During a recent interview on the ‘Sitting Ringside’ podcast, they provided a timeline on when they want to hang up the boots.

The Young Bucks provide update on their future

One of half of the AEW Tag-team champions, Nick Jackson answered a question about the future of them as a tag-team.

They are planning to wrestle for “seven to ten” more years. At that point, they’ll have to see how they perform and everything is uncertain when it comes to pro wrestling.

Nick Jackson said:

“Man, we talked about this quite often and remember Matt when we were at ten years to go? When was that? Two or three years ago? So I think if we did the math, if we’re still going by that, I think maybe seven more years but who knows. It’s hard to say. You know how this business is. It’s impossible to say no to things so, I don’t know.”

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He added:

“If I could do seven to ten more years at this rate and do the matches that I’m doing now and if I’m feeling the same way I’m feeling now, I could easily do it because I feel pretty good right now. Maybe that’s because of the limited schedule but, I think that has probably helped our bodies. This pandemic has healed us a little bit with being on the road less and doing matches way less than we were years prior. So who knows. Knock on wood, I hope I can do this as long as possible so…”

It is to be seen what the future holds for the brother duo, only time will tell.

Barry Russell
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