Third hour of Raw dips below 2 million viewers

While the numbers were not as bad as the last episode of SmackDown Live, this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw still suffered a big drop in ratings.



This week’s episode of the show featuring a falls count anywhere match between Erick Rowan and The Universal Champion Seth Rollins among other things drew a total of  2.133 million viewers, according to Showbuzz Daily.

This is an 8.9% decline from last week’s episode of the show which featured the Street Profits’ Raw debut in the main event and had drawn a total of 2.342 million viewers.

The first and second hour of the show drew an average of 2.326 million viewers and 2.146 million viewers respectively. The third hour then dipped below 2 million and it did just 1.928 million viewers.

Though it’s worth mentioning here that the Rusev-Lashley-Lana segment which served as the main event of the episode is outperforming other clips from the show on YouTube with a big margin

So it’s likely that the drop in numbers in the third hour are the reflection of the whole show rather than being a direct result of the segment between these three stars.

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