ThunderStruck: NXT Analysis 08/22/12

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Antonio Cesaro defeats Derrick Bateman using the neutralizer.



^I doubt we’ll see as much of Cesaro on the show tapings now that he’s won the United States Title. Cesaro and Bateman put on a decent matchup here. Bateman is still nothing special to me in terms of his character, but I would say WWE is more to blame than anybody for that. How can you convince the fans that you want someone to succeed when you market no gimmick for him AND he’ been competing for more than two years?

Tamina Snuka defeats Sofica Cortez using the superfly splash. Raquel Diaz attacks Tamina after the match.

^It’s sad that Sofia Cortez wanted her release. The girl has a ton of talent, and she seemed to have a lot of chemistry in the ring with Tamina. I’m curious about WWE’s logic with the divas at the moment, especially when you take into account the talent among the females that’s barely being featured on the primary shows.

Kassius Ohno defeats Jake Carter using the rolling elbow(now called the dreamkiller)

^Jake Carter has a ton of talent looks to possess the athleticism that his father once did(Vader). It’s nice to see Carter outside of tag team action and actually working a one on one match. Unfortunately for Carter, Kassius Ohno is MORE than ready for the main roster and anyone he works against right now is to just help put himself over until WWE moves him up. Ohno would be a PERFECT challenger for Cesaro’s US Title right now. What would be better for the former Kings of Wrestling than a one on one rivalry over a championship in WWE?

Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel defeat Michael McGillicutty and Johnny Curtis when Gabriel pinns Curtis after a blockbuster.

^Tyson Kidd botched big time in this match and it could’ve been a much worse situation. Kidd and Gabriel are still ridiculously impressive as a tag team, and WWE should take advantage of that and push more tag team action on television(besides the same three teams that we’ve been getting). McGillicutty needs to be doing something other than teaming with Curtis, but I guess for now it’s better than nothing.

Jinder Mahal and Seth Rollins are interviewed in the ring by Byron Saxton. Mahal attacks Rollins but Rollins is able to get the upper hand and knocks Mahal out of the ring before diving on him. Mahal and Rollins will face off in the NXT Championship tournament finals next week.

^Mahal bores me. His talent is limited, and he has zero excitement factor. However, in the sense of heel vs face, the finals for the NXT Championship tournament make sense(I’d prefer McGillicutty over Mahal, but we’ll take what we can get). Rollins and Mahal will be a good match next week and I’m excited to see the crowning of the first ever NXT Champion!

This was another well put together show by Triple H and creative. I really feel like this is a good indicator of the positive things that Triple H might do once he has full control of WWE. A younger mind with fresh ideas to change the business might be a good thing for a product that has become so globally known that nothing seems as significant as it once was. A breath of fresh air is EXACTLY what the company needs, and Trips with his authority might be the perfect guy to make it happen. Excellent show, once again.

There will NO rundown this weekend due to personal events(my wedding, already married but giving the families a ceremony now). I’ll be back with a Raw Analysis on Tuesday. Until next time, you’ve been ThunderStruck! and

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