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ThunderStruck: Ring of Honor Wrestling Analysis 11/01/14

Truth Martini is on commentary with Kevin Kelly as Steve Corino is out on paternity leave(Kelly said Maternity). Congrats to Steve Corino.

Caprice Coleman takes on Mark Briscoe. Mark drops Coleman on his head around the six and a half minute mark to get the three count.

^Great back and forth match. Very competitive. The handshake was loaded with respect after the match. This sort of action is what ROH is all about.

Nigel McGuinness brings Tommaso Ciampa to the ring(Ciampa has been suspended for attacking refs and other ROH officials). Ciampa wants to grab a mic and explain himself but Nigel cuts him off and says this is the time for Ciampa to listen. Nigel says he will give Tommaso one more chance next week with a zero tolerance policy. If Ciampa lays his hand on any staff member in ROH again, he will be fired and never work there again. Ciampa thanks him for coming to a peaceful resolution and thanks him for a World Title match next week. Nigel tells him he won’t be having a World Title match and he needs to work his way up from the bottom of the ladder. Nigel says Tommaso doesn’t tell him a damn thing about how things are going to go. Ciampa tells Nigel that he doesn’t understand wanting a World Title shot because Ciampa’s never quit like McGuinness did. Jay Briscoe interrupts and gets in Ciampa’s face. They have a verbal exchange and Nigel stops them from fighting along with referees.

The Kingdom(Adam Cole, Mike Bennett, and Matt Taven) attack Jay Briscoe as Ciampa is told to leave. Mark Briscoe comes down to help his brother but they get beaten down. The Kingdom stands tall with Maria.

^That was a good segment for two reasons. First, we saw a tease for a Ciampa/Briscoe World Title match, and secondly, we saw the Kingdom demonstrate their authority. Great segment.

Brutal Burgers(Brutal Bob and Cheeseburger) take on BJ Whitmer and Adam Page of the Decade(with Jimmy Jacobs as their manager). Whitmer and Page win the match in under four minutes. They beat down Cheeseburger after the match.

^The Decade is another fun stable; I like it. Decent match here with Page dominating at the finish. It’s also nice to see a small guy like Cheeseburger getting a run with a decent push.

Matt Sydal(formerly Evan Bourne in WWE) takes on AJ Styles in our main event. Sydal misses a shooting star press and then falls victim to the styles clash in a thirteen minute match.

^That was some fun back and forth wrestling with a good pace. These two guys got a raw deal in the major leagues, but how can I complain when we were blessed enough to witness this sort of action in our main event?

Truth Martini approaches Sydal after the match and wants to talk to him(presumably about joining the House of Truth). The show ends.

Good action through the whole show makes for a fun episode of ROH TV. WWE should take notes on how they book their shows and do something similar with Smackdown. It’s an 8.5 out of 10 for me. If it were to score higher, the tag team match would’ve been a bit longer with a little more offense from Bob and Cheeseburger.

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  • D2K

    The product for me isn’t really worth watching. It comes on now where I live as it wasn’t back during it’s hay-day, but the in-ring work is very uninspired IMO. However that is not a problem with them specifically, but a general problem with the industry overall.

    People just seem to be trying to get from one move to the next without anything having any meaning. No one knows how to tell a story in the ring anymore and it just feels like people are going through the motions. Most of that is the fault of management I think.

  • wrestlingGodCrusher

    ROH is still around I thought they had shut down 2 years ago? Wow they sure have took a major nose dive.