TNA Against All Odds: Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett

– We go backstage with Jeremy Borash and Karen & Jeff Jarrett. Jeff cuts a promo on Kurt Angle for their match tonight and Jeff talks about his kids being at stake and the stipulations. We cut to Christy Hemme and Kurt Angle. Kurt tells his kids that after he beats daddy Jeff tonight, they are coming home with him. We cut to highlights from events leading up to tonight’s match.



Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett

If Kurt Angle wins this one, he gets custody of his kids but if Jeff Jarrett wins, Kurt must walk Karen down the aisle when she and Jeff renew their vows on the March 3rd iMPACT. Out first comes Jeff Jarrett with Karen to the ring. Kurt is out next to a nice pop from the crowd.

The bell rings and they lock up. Angle charges and they go to the corner. The referee breaks it up and they go at it again. Angle takes Jeff to the mat with a headlock. They go back to the corner and are separated. Jarrett stalls as the crowd chants for Angle. Angle hits a backdrop suplex on Jarrett. Angle keeps Jarrett grounded to the mat. Jarrett tries to break the holds and does with an elbow to the face. Angle with a hip toss off the ropes and a snap suplex for 2.

Angle with right hands in the corner now. Angle tosses Jarrett over the ropes and to the floor. Angle follows and works over Jarrett on the floor. Karen comes over and slaps Kurt. Kurt unloads on Jeff with rights as Karen screams. Angle tells her to slap him again and chases her away. Angle brings it back in the ring and knocks Jeff down with an elbow for 2. Another 2 for Angle. Angle with shoulder thrusts in the corner now. Angle charges again but misses and hits the ring post, falling out to the floor. Jeff comes out and throws Angle twice into the barrier. Angle comes back in the ring and Jeff follows. Jeff splashes Angle’s neck on the ropes and hits a big right hand from the floor. Jeff goes to the top and hits a crossbody but Angle rolls over for a 2 count. Jeff takes back control and drops Angle with a boot. Jeff goes up top but Angle runs up and meets him. Angle with a quick belly-to-belly suplex off the top and both are down on the mat.

Angle with clotheslines and another belly-to-belly. Angle goes back and forth and tries for the ankle lock. Jarrett rolls out. Angle grabs him and hits three German suplexes in a row for a 2 count. Back and forth after Jarrett gets up. Jarrett kicks Angle in the head and he goes down. Jeff goes for the Stroke but Angle turns it into the ankle lock. Jarrett rolls out and throws Angle into the ropes. Jarrett misses a splash. Angle hits the Angle Slam but Karen is distracting the referee. Angle gets up and Jeff low blows him from behind. Jeff takes advantage and hits the Stroke but Kurt kicks out right before 3. Jeff threatens the referee. Jeff goes for another Stroke but Angle breaks it, sending Jeff flying into the referee. The ref goes down and Jeff goes out to the floor. Angle hits Jeff with uppercuts on the floor. Karen comes over and digs in Kurt’s back. He chases her off. Jarrett attacks from behind with a clothesline and throws Angle into the steel steps. Jeff slams Angle into them repeatedly before bringing it back in the ring. Jeff grabs a chair and brings it in. Angle swings the chair but Angle kicks him. Kurt picks the chair up as the referee is finally waking up. The referee stops Angle from swinging the chair and distracts him. Jeff rolls Angle up for a 2 count. Angle with another suplex but he only gets 2. Angle goes to the top but Karen distracts him. Jeff goes for a Stroke off the ropes but they botch the landing. Angle kicks out at 2.

Jeff picks Angle up but he gets hit with a back suplex. Angle locks on the ankle lock. Jeff reaches his arms out to Karen. Angle pulls Karen in the ring as she holds Jeff’s arms. Karen pulls the ref down and distracts him as Jeff taps out to the ankle lock. Jeff is freed and hits Angle with a big chairshot as the referee is still distracted. Jeff goes for the pin but Angle still manages to kick out. Jeff picks Angle up again but Kurt rolls him up for 2. More back and forth. Angle goes for a sunset flip but Jeff drops down on top of him, getting the pin and the win.

Winner: Jeff Jarrett

– After the match, Jeff rolls out to the floor and is tended to by Karen. We see Angle in the ring and he starts to cry because he wasn’t able to win custody of his kids. Jeff stops on the ramp and stares back down at Kurt. Kurt has taken his boots off in the ring and leaves them as the Jarretts look on. Kurt leaves the ring and slowly walks to the back as the Jarretts laugh at him. The crowd chants for Angle as Taz plays up the seriousness of Angle’s boots being left in the ring. The camera shows Angle’s boots in the empty ring, teasing his last match.

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