TNA Against All Odds Results – February 13th

– The 2011 TNA Against All Odds pay-per-view kicks off with a highlight video with highlights from iMPACT with Fortune and Immortal set to the “Gun Show” theme song of tonight’s show. We get highlights of the Angle-Jarrett feud. We go live to the iMPACT Zone in Orlando as the pyro goes off. Mike Tenay welcomes us and he’s joined by Taz on commentary. They talk about tonight’s Ladder Match main event. They confirm that Generation Me can’t be here tonight due to travel issues but are interrupted by Robbie E’s music.



X Division #1 Contender’s Match: Robbie E. vs. Max Buck vs. Jeremy Buck

Out comes Robbie E. with Cookie to the ring. He says Generation Me are scared of him and he’s the new #1 contender. Robbie says we won’t get to see him tonight. He tells the referee to make it official, ring the bell and count them out. The bell rings and the ref counts to 10 as the fans tell Robbie he sucks. Robbie fist pumps with each count the ref makes. The ref counts to 10 and Robbie is the winner and new #1 contender.

Winner: Robbie E.

– After the match, Robbie and Cookie go up the ramp celebrating. Fortune’s music hits and out comes the X Division Champion Kazarian. Kazarian speaks and calls Shore cheap. Kaz says he can’t come here and not give the fans what they want. Kazarian says it was announced on TNA’s website that there will be an X Title match tonight and it’s right now.

X Division Title Match: Robbie E. vs. Kazarian

Kaz and Robbie start fighting on the ramp before going to the ring. Kaz keeps in control and cleans Robbie’s clock with a big clothesline. Kaz with a gutwrench. Cookie grabs Kaz’s leg and he stomps her fingers. Kaz goes back at it with Robbie and gets a 2 count.

Robbie gets knocked out to the floor and Kaz follows. Robbie takes control and throws Kaz into the steel steps a few times. They come back in the ring and Robbie hits a shot off the second rope for a 2 count. Robbie with a big shoulder thrust in the corner and Kaz goes down. Robbie with a boot to the throat. Cookie chokes Kaz while the referee isn’t looking. Kaz makes a comeback but Robbie counters for a 2 count.

Robbie continues to control the match and brings Kaz out of the corner with a headlock. Robbie shows off before charging in the corner and Kaz moves. Kaz with a springboard dropkick and a series of clotheslines. Kaz with another dropkick and a body slam. Kaz hits a springboard leg drop for a 2 count. Kaz goes for the reverse tombstone but Robbie counters it. Kaz counters a neckbreaker for a 2 count. Cookie hits Kaz in the face with what looks like her shoe. Robbie rolls Kaz up but only gets 2.

More back and forth action. Kaz catches Robbie off the rope with the inverted tombstone for the pinfall and the win.

Winner: Kazarian

– We go backstage with Christy Hemme, Scott Steiner and Beer Money. Steiner kicks off the promo and his words are all over the place. He can’t speak for crap and is drinking a beer. Steiner fumbles more words and walks around looking drunk. Robert Roode takes over and talks about their six-man match tonight.

Scott Steiner and Beer Money vs. Rob Terry, Gunner and Murphy

We go to the ring and out comes AJ Styles to join Tenay and Taz on commentary. Out first comes Gunner, Murphy and Rob Terry representing Immortal. Out next come the TNA Tag Team Champions Beer Money and James Storm looks to be having a good time. Out next comes their partner Scott Steiner in his first match back. Steiner looks to be ready to go now.

Steiner starts the match out with Gunner. The crowd chants for Steiner after the bell rings. They lock up and Steiner applies a headlock. Steiner knocks Gunner down with a shoulder and nails some chops. Steiner hits an overhead suplex and takes out Murphy. Rob Terry is tagged in and faces off with Steiner. The ref has his back turned and Stiner kicks Terry below the belt and knocks him down. Steiner with an elbow drop. Murphy and Storm end up coming in and going at it. Storm with a 2 count. Gunner is tagged back in but misses a kick on Storm. Storm with a clothesline and a neckbreaker for a 1 count. Storm with right hands now.

Storm with more clotheslines and offense on Gunner. Storm hits a series of right hands in the corner until Terry knocks him down while the referee isn’t looking. Storm gets triple teamed a bit. Murphy comes back in and works him over in the corner. Another tag to Gunner. Gunner with offense and a 2 count on Storm. Murphy is tagged in again. Rob Terry comes in again and Storm is still getting beat down. Terry hits a huge powerslam on Storm for a 2 count. Storm counters another slam by Terry and drives his knees in Terry’s back. Gunner is tagged back in but Storm kicks him off. Roode comes in and takes out Gunner and Murphy. Roode and Gunner go at it. Roode sends Terry over the ropes. Right hands on Gunner and chops in the corner by Roode. Roode with a neckbreaker from the top and a 2 count.

Beer Money end up double teaming Murphy until Terry comes in. They double suplex Terry and do the Beer Money taunt. Murphy knocks Storm out of the ring. Roode hits two spinebusters on Gunner and Murphy. Roode turns around to Terry but counters and spinebusters him also. Roode knocks Gunner on the top turnbuckle and signals for Steiner who gets a big pop. Steiner comes in the ring and hits a Frankensteiner on Gunner for the pin and the win.

Winners: Beer Money and Scott Steiner

– We go backstage with Christy Hemme, Brother Devon and his sons. Devon says his sons will not be in his match against Brother Ray tonight, he says he can’t take the chance. His sons don’t seem to like this news. Devon tells them he doesn’t want them anywhere near Ray. Devon tells them to stay in the back and not get involved in the match tonight because he doesn’t want them getting hurt.

– We get highlights from the Samoa Joe vs. The Pope feud that has been going on.

Samoa Joe vs. The Pope

We go to the ring and out first comes The Pope. Out next comes Samoa Joe and we’re ready to go. Pope starts dancing around the ring and stalls locking up. Pope rolls out of the floor and walks around at ringside. Pope gets back in the ring and strikes first with a kick. Joe comes back and goes for a hold from the back but Pope scrambles out of it and goes back outside to the floor. Pope shrugs Joe off and looks to be heading to the back and quitting. The crowd starts chanting “you suck.” Okado, Joe’s camera man, comes out and backs Pope back down to the ring. Joe runs and dives through the ropes, landing on Pope and the floor.

Joe keeps control of the match and unloads on offense on Pope. More right hands by Joe to Pope in the corner. Joe hits a big running kick in the corner and Pope still can’t get one up. The match is back and forth for a few minutes between Pope and Joe. Pope locks on the rear naked choke and makes Pope submit for the win.

Winner: Samoa Joe

– After the match, Pope goes to extend his hand to Joe for a shake. Pope takes Joe down with a kick to the gut. Okado tries to come in for the assist but Pope takes him out also. Pope slams Joe’s face into the exposed turnbuckle. Pope then hits the DDE, driving Joe’s face into the exposed corner. Pope puts on his glasses and poses. Joe gets up and chases Pope out of the ring. Joe is busted up as Pope heads up the ramp smiling.

– We go backstage with Christy Hemme and Mickie James. Mickie says she’s going to make history tonight, what she came to TNA to do and the only thing in her way is Madison Rayne. Mickie says Rayne only has the belt because someone laid down for her and tonight she’s going to take it from her.

– We get highlights from recent events leading to tonight’s Knockouts Title Match.

Last Knockouts Standing Match for the Knockouts Title: Mickie James vs. Madison Rayne

We go to the ring and out first comes the challenger, Mickie James. Out next comes the TNA Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne. Rayne waves as she enters the ring and we get ready to go.

The bell rings and Madison goes to attack with her loaded glove. Mickie catches it and fights her off. Mickie goes to the floor and Madison follows. Mickie works Madison over on the corner until Madison slams Mickie’s face into the steel steps. Mickie comes back in and Madison goes to work. Mickie counters a leg drop with a clothesline and sends Madison back outside. Madison goes to leave but Mickie comes after her. They brawl on the ramp and Madison takes control, throwing Mickie into the fan barrier and ramming her into the ring apron. Mickie turns it around and whips Madison into the ring post.

They bring it back in the ring and go at it back and forth. Madison ends up getting knocked back outside. Mickie runs off the apron and splashes on Madison on the floor and it sounds nasty when they hit. Madison crawls under the ring and Mickie goes under looking for her. Madison crawls out the other side and a few seconds later so does Mickie. Madison goes to connect with a punch but Mickie ducks and she hits the steps. Mickie with a kick to the head and Madison goes down. Mickie brings Madison back in the ring and goes to the top. Madison gets up and knocks Mickie off the top and to the floor. Mickie hits her head on the apron on the way down.

Mickie barely makes it back in the ring. Madison goes for another loaded globe shot but Mickie fights her off. Mickie hits a Thesz press off the top and a spin kick to the face, knocking Madison down. Mickie takes Madison’s loaded glove off and puts it on. Tara comes down and Mickie hits her with the glove and brings her in the ring, hitting her again, laying her out. Mickie turns around and Madison lays her out with brass knuckles. Madison is confused and looks to go for a pin. The referee counts Mickie down to 10 and Madison wins.

Winner: Madison Rayne

– We get a quick backstage video of Jeff Hardy wishing Mr. Anderson good luck in their match later tonight.

– We go to the ring and out comes Matt Morgan. He calls Hernandez out to the ring and here he comes. Hernandez calls Morgan the great white hope and says that’s what America is always looking for. Hernandez says this is why he went to Mexico to be with his people. He says they love him and treated him like the star that he is. He says in America, he’s treated like a second-class citizen. Hernandez calls it White America and says as of today, the minority is the majority. Hernandez calls it Hispanic America and says it’s their country. Hernandez says he came back to TNA to stick it to the gringos that don’t support them and how realize how great they truly are. Hernandez calls Morgan a punk ass white boy. Morgan goes to talk and Hernandez knees him below the belt and barely hits a shoulder block. Hernandez hits his finisher on Morgan and poses as his music plays.

– We go backstage with Matt Hardy and Christy Hemme. Hardy talks about his new cold blooded persona. Hardy talks about how he’s always been a good guy. Hardy says he will chew up Rob Van Dam tonight like everyone else and will close the RVD-Hardy chapter. Matt rambles on some more about being cold blooded, stares at Christy Hemme with his arms out and goes to the ring.

Matt Hardy vs. Rob Van Dam

We go to the ring and out comes Matt Hardy followed by his opponent Rob Van Dam. RVD is out to a nice reaction from the iMPACT Zone. The bell rings and they lock up. Hardy takes it to the corner and hits a big right hand on RVD. They trade rights now. RVD takes Hardy down with a spin kick and poses for the crowd. RVD goes for a monkey flip move but Hardy drops him in the corner and hits a clothesline.

More back and forth action until RVD sends Hardy out to the floor. RVD kicks Hardy off the apron as he tries coming back in. RVD goes to the apron for a move but Hardy pulls his legs out. RVD smacks the apron hard and falls to the floor. Hardy works RVD over on the floor now, using the fan barrier and the apron. Hardy goes for a suplex but RVD counters and lays him over the railing. RVD goes to the apron and splashes down on Hardy and the railing. Hardy enters first and kicks RVD when he enters. Hardy with a DDT for a 2 count.

They go back to the floor. Hardy drops RVD’s face over the railing and goes back into the ring. Hardy mocks RVD while in the ring. RVD recovers and makes it back in the ring. Hardy with a leg drop and a 2 count. Hardy continues the assault on RVD. Hardy goes for another double underhook DDT but turns it into a submission. RVD gets the ropes and the hold is broken. Hardy slingshots RVD’s throat under the bottom rope and gets another 2 count. Hardy with a full nelson now. Hardy with another 2 count. Hardy smacks RVD around now as he tries to make a comeback.

RVD fights free from Hardy’s clutches. RVD goes for a springboard kick but Hardy knocks him out of the air. Hardy goes up top for a move but RVD kicks him as he comes down. They get to their feet and trade right hands. RVD with a clothesline and a superkick to the jaw. RVD with a spinkick. RVD goes for Rolling Thunder but Hardy moves. RVD follows it up with a moonsault for a 2 count. RVD with a solid kick to Hardy and a slam. RVD goes to the top for a split legged moonsault and hits it. RVD with a 2 count. RVD misses a kick and Hardy drops him with a side effect. Hardy goes for a Twist of Hate but RVD counters and drops him with a kick. RVD goes up top but Hardy cuts him off. Hardy goes for a superplex but RVD knocks him to the mat. Hardy climbs back to the top and backdrops RVD from the top turnbuckle to the mat. Hardy goes up top but misses a moonsault as RVD moves. RVD hits a Five Star Frog Splash for the pin and the win.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

– Christy Hemme catches Brother Ray backstage and wants his opinion on Devon not bringing his sons to the match. Ray tries to make Hemme cry and says he loves making women cry because it shows how weak they are. Ray gets in Hemme’s face and rips on Devon and his sons. Ray says Devon’s sons were born through their mother’s ass. Ray says he is going to beat Devon bad and hopes to beat his kids too. Ray walks off and we get highlights of the Team 3D feud.

Street Fight: Brother Ray vs. Brother Devon

We go to the ring and out first comes “Bully” Ray. Ray walks off to the backstage area as his music plays and just disappears. Devon’s music hits next and out he comes, running to the ring. Devon doesn’t see Ray. Ray comes up from behind and tries to attack but Devon decks him. The bell rings and they go at it outside of the ring.

It’s a brawl all over the fan barrier at ringside. A drink of some kind gets smashed in Ray’s face. Devon with more right hands. Ray rolls back into the ring. Devon goes under the ring and brings a chair and other items into the ring. Devon knocks Ray down with a kendo stick and hits him in the back with it a few times. Ray drops to his knees and pleads. Ray hits Devon and gets up. Devon responds with a kendo shot to the head and Ray goes down. Devon puts Ray’s head in between a chair and grabs the chain. Devon stands over Ray and out come his sons. Devon tells them to get back away from the ring and go to the back. Ray gets up and cracks Devon in the back with a chair.

Ray taunts Devon’s sons and spits at them. Ray hits Devon with a trash can lid and now puts his head in between a chair. Devo grabs the chain and Devon’s sons rush the ring to stop him. Ray pushes them off and threatens them with the chain. Devon comes from behind and decks Ray with right hands and a clothesline. Another clothesline and a big back drop. One of his sons pick up a trash can and nails Ray in the head with it. Devon slams Ray. Devon’s sons hold Ray’s legs in the air as Devon goes up top and hits What’s Up. Devon’s sons lead him and the crowd in calling for the tables. They go under the ring and bring a table in the ring. Devon heads back in the ring while his sons look on from the outside. Devon sets up the table but Ray hits him with a low blow from behind. Ray goes outside and brings a pair of handcuffs in.

Ray cuffs Devon to the corner and starts yelling at him. Devon’s sons run in to help him. Ray lays one of them out. The other son attacks Ray with a bunch of forearm shots. Ray lays him out also and covers him for the pin and the win.

Winner: Brother Ray

– After the match, Devon looks on at his sons while still handcuffed to the corner. Ray taunts Devon and chases Earl Hebner off with a trash can. Ray and Devon exchange words. Ray spits at Devon. Ray goes to hit Devon with a chair but stops in mid-air. Devon begs for security to come and help his sons. Devon begs Ray not to hit his sons with the chair. Ray drops the chair. Ray puts one of Devon’s sons on the table, calling Devon weak. Ray powerbombs Devon’s son through the table as Devon looks on helpless. Ray drops down in Devon’s face and calls him weak again. Ray leaves the ring as Devon cries for his kids. An official checks on Devon’s sons as TNA crew members come down to cut the handcuffs off him. Devon is freed and rushes over to check on his sons with TNA officials. Devon’s son is placed on a stretcher as Taz and Tenay play up the seriousness of the situation. A very sad Taz: “this sucks.” Devon’s son is taken out on a stretcher as the crowd applauds. Devon carries his other son out over his shoulder.

– We go backstage with Jeremy Borash and Karen & Jeff Jarrett. Jeff cuts a promo on Kurt Angle for their match tonight and Jeff talks about his kids being at stake and the stipulations. We cut to Christy Hemme and Kurt Angle. Kurt tells his kids that after he beats daddy Jeff tonight, they are coming home with him. We cut to highlights from events leading up to tonight’s match.

Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett

If Kurt Angle wins this one, he gets custody of his kids but if Jeff Jarrett wins, Kurt must walk Karen down the aisle when she and Jeff renew their vows on the March 3rd iMPACT. Out first comes Jeff Jarrett with Karen to the ring. Kurt is out next to a nice pop from the crowd.

The bell rings and they lock up. Angle charges and they go to the corner. The referee breaks it up and they go at it again. Angle takes Jeff to the mat with a headlock. They go back to the corner and are separated. Jarrett stalls as the crowd chants for Angle. Angle hits a backdrop suplex on Jarrett. Angle keeps Jarrett grounded to the mat. Jarrett tries to break the holds and does with an elbow to the face. Angle with a hip toss off the ropes and a snap suplex for 2.

Angle with right hands in the corner now. Angle tosses Jarrett over the ropes and to the floor. Angle follows and works over Jarrett on the floor. Karen comes over and slaps Kurt. Kurt unloads on Jeff with rights as Karen screams. Angle tells her to slap him again and chases her away. Angle brings it back in the ring and knocks Jeff down with an elbow for 2. Another 2 for Angle. Angle with shoulder thrusts in the corner now. Angle charges again but misses and hits the ring post, falling out to the floor. Jeff comes out and throws Angle twice into the barrier. Angle comes back in the ring and Jeff follows. Jeff splashes Angle’s neck on the ropes and hits a big right hand from the floor. Jeff goes to the top and hits a crossbody but Angle rolls over for a 2 count. Jeff takes back control and drops Angle with a boot. Jeff goes up top but Angle runs up and meets him. Angle with a quick belly-to-belly suplex off the top and both are down on the mat.

Angle with clotheslines and another belly-to-belly. Angle goes back and forth and tries for the ankle lock. Jarrett rolls out. Angle grabs him and hits three German suplexes in a row for a 2 count. Back and forth after Jarrett gets up. Jarrett kicks Angle in the head and he goes down. Jeff goes for the Stroke but Angle turns it into the ankle lock. Jarrett rolls out and throws Angle into the ropes. Jarrett misses a splash. Angle hits the Angle Slam but Karen is distracting the referee. Angle gets up and Jeff low blows him from behind. Jeff takes advantage and hits the Stroke but Kurt kicks out right before 3. Jeff threatens the referee. Jeff goes for another Stroke but Angle breaks it, sending Jeff flying into the referee. The ref goes down and Jeff goes out to the floor. Angle hits Jeff with uppercuts on the floor. Karen comes over and digs in Kurt’s back. He chases her off. Jarrett attacks from behind with a clothesline and throws Angle into the steel steps. Jeff slams Angle into them repeatedly before bringing it back in the ring. Jeff grabs a chair and brings it in. Angle swings the chair but Angle kicks him. Kurt picks the chair up as the referee is finally waking up. The referee stops Angle from swinging the chair and distracts him. Jeff rolls Angle up for a 2 count. Angle with another suplex but he only gets 2. Angle goes to the top but Karen distracts him. Jeff goes for a Stroke off the ropes but they botch the landing. Angle kicks out at 2.

Jeff picks Angle up but he gets hit with a back suplex. Angle locks on the ankle lock. Jeff reaches his arms out to Karen. Angle pulls Karen in the ring as she holds Jeff’s arms. Karen pulls the ref down and distracts him as Jeff taps out to the ankle lock. Jeff is freed and hits Angle with a big chairshot as the referee is still distracted. Jeff goes for the pin but Angle still manages to kick out. Jeff picks Angle up again but Kurt rolls him up for 2. More back and forth. Angle goes for a sunset flip but Jeff drops down on top of him, getting the pin and the win.

Winner: Jeff Jarrett

– After the match, Jeff rolls out to the floor and is tended to by Karen. We see Angle in the ring and he starts to cry because he wasn’t able to win custody of his kids. Jeff stops on the ramp and stares back down at Kurt. Kurt has taken his boots off in the ring and leaves them as the Jarretts look on. Kurt leaves the ring and slowly walks to the back as the Jarretts laugh at him. The crowd chants for Angle as Taz plays up the seriousness of Angle’s boots being left in the ring. The camera shows Angle’s boots in the empty ring, teasing his last match.

– We go backstage with Mr. Anderson and Christy Hemme. Anderson doesn’t deny that the odds are stacked against him tonight in the ladder match. Anderson talks about Hardy. Anderson says if he overcomes those odds tonight, it was because he happened to the bigger asshole on this night. Anderson walks off. We go to highlights of events leading up to tonight’s main event.

Ladder Match for the TNA World Heavyweight Title: Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson

We see the title belt hanging above the ring. Out first comes Jeff Hardy and he sets up a ladder on the way to the ring. Out next comes the TNA World Heavyweight Champion Mr. Anderson. We get formal ring introductions from Jeremy Borash. Hardy spits in Anderson’s face. Anderson responds with right hands, sending Hardy to the floor. They brawl on the floor where ladders are set up, including Hardy’s custom painted ladder. Anderson throws Hardy into his own ladder and he goes down. They fight over a ladder and Anderson rams it into Hardy. They bring it back in the ring and Hardy hits a neckbreaker on a ladder.

The ladder comes into play again. Anderson goes for a pin, forgetting it’s a ladder match. Hardy takes control now and kicks Anderson in the face in the corner. Hardy kicks a ladder into Anderson’s lower area while he’s down in the corner. The ladder is set up in the corner now. Anderson drops Hardy’s back onto it with a Russian leg sweep. Anderson brings another ladder into the ring and stands it up. Anderson climbs for the title but Hardy meets him at the top. Hardy flips over the top of the ladder and hits a powerbomb all the way down to the mat.

Hardy slams Anderson and climbs to the top turnbuckle. Hardy leapfrogs over the top of a ladder with a leg drop but Anderson moves out of the way. Hardy gets up and charges in the corner but Anderson moves. Hardy backdrops Anderson onto the ladder that’s set up in the corner. Hardy turns a ladder upside down and goes to work on Anderson, choking him with the ropes. Anderson fights back with rights and kicks but Hardy knocks him to the mat and then throws him out to the floor. Hardy kicks Anderson back into the fan barrier. Hardy walks over and brings his custom painted ladder into play. Hardy pushes it at Anderson but he blocks it and shoves it back at Hardy’s face. Dueling chants from the crowd as Hardy throws Anderson into the steel steps.

Hardy runs and leaps off the steps, splashing Anderson on the fan barrier. Anderson falls over into the crowd. Hardy brings Anderson back to ringside and he lands hard on his back. Back in the ring now and Hardy tries to put Anderson in the upside down ladder. Anderson counters and suplexes Hardy onto it. Anderson sets up a ladder and climbs for the belt. Hardy gets up and attacks from behind. Hardy hits a Twist of Hate and Anderson goes down. Hardy brings his painted ladder into the ring and now has three. Anderson counters Hardy and hits the Green Bay plunge on top of a ladder. Anderson goes up top for a Swanton while Hardy is on a ladder. Hardy moves and Anderson may have knicked his head on the ladder. Hardy has two ladders set up now. Hardy and Anderson each climb a ladder and fight it out. Hardy touches the belt but Anderson fights him off. Anderson pushes the belt and makes it swing so Hardy can’t get it. Anderson tries for a Mic Check from up high in the air. Hardy tries to grab the belt on the way down but can’t. Hardy gets to his feet, climbs right up a ladder and grabs the belt for the pin and the win.

Winner and New TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Jeff Hardy

– After match, we go to replays of various spots in the match. Hardy celebrates with the title belt. He sets up his custom ladder in the corner and climbs it to pose and spit at the camera. Against All Odds goes off the air with Hardy still celebrating.

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