TNA Impact Report – 1/9/2014

TNA Impact opened with a video package documenting how they arrived at A.J. Styles vs. Magnus for the TNA World Title on tonight’s Impact.



In the arena, the opening music went to Dixie Carter, who marched to the ring with a clipboard. Carter said she is not going to waste any more of her precious breath discussing A.J. Styles, so come on down to the ring and sign this contract so she can put this nightmare behind her.

TNA Titleholder A.J. Styles marched down to the ring holding the original TNA Title and dressed to wrestle. Dixie sold annoyance with Styles, who took a mic to address Dixie, but she cut him. Dixie demanded that he sign the one-night contract right now. Dixie forced herself to get out the words that it will be Styles vs. Magnus tonight for the TNA Title. Then, she announced it as a No DQ match. “You wanna know WHY?” Dixie said. Because she will not rest until she never has to look at his face ever again. But, she wants the lasting image to be bloodied, bruised, and stretchered out from her ring.

Styles sarcastically called that so graphic, then called Magnus a paper champion. Styles said you Carters never learn that it’s Winner Take All. No more tournaments or stupid Dixieland matches. A.J. demanded the contract, looked it over, and paused. Styles said as far as the No DQ stip goes, if she thinks for one second that Dixie’s cronies will ruin this match, he has some news that some of the boys in the back hate Dixie just as much as he does, so they will have no problem backing him tonight.

Dixie shouted back that his so-called friends didn’t sign his check for 11 years or put food on A.J.’s table. She said his friends won’t come down and help because she owns them. “I made you,” she said. “And in the end, A.J., I can’t wait to break you.” Styles laughed at the thought. He said Dixie doesn’t get it and she doesn’t get wrestling. Styles said it’s about two men coming out here to see who the best is, but Dixie keeps screwing it up. Styles claimed this belt gained respect when he took it away from this company. Not quite. Styles said if her paper champ got out from under Dixie’s skirt, he would see it, too.

Magnus’s music interrupted to bring out Dixie’s champ. Magnus, in a suit, waited out a “paper champ” chant before telling Dixie to leave the ring. She didn’t want to, but Magnus repeated his request. Magnus said this is between the two champs. Magnus then addressed A.J., saying he will never call him a “paper champion” again. Magnus shot down A.J.’s so-called support from the wrestlers in the back.

Magnus said Styles had a good run, but tonight he will end Styles. And there will be one man – one true champion. “That man is Magnus,” he said while holding up Dixie’s TNA Title belt. Magnus started to leave the ring to join Dixie ringside, but Styles held him up.

Styles signed the contract, then told Magnus that he didn’t get to this point by taking shortcuts, unlike Magnus. Styles said no matter what, he’s going to walk out of here with honor, respect, and dignity. As the TNA World champion. Styles asked Magnus what he’s going to do about that. He told Magnus to take his lips off Dixie’s “bleep” and ask her. Magnus flipped out, but Dixie pulled him back to save his aggression for the title match.

[Commercial Break at 9:12]

[Q2] Video Package: A “diabolical” Genesis Impact is next week. The video focused on Magnus as TNA champion, which was bad timing for tonight’s show.

Backstage: Dixie Carter addressed Gail Kim and Lei’D Tapa. Dixie wanted to make sure Gail had control of this situation and Gail assured her that it’s taken care of.

In-ring: Eric Young and Joseph Park were introduced for tag action.

Backstage: Dixie asked Bro-Mans if they understand the importance of this. Whatever “this” is. Robbie E. said even Jessie is nervous about this, prompting her to flip out. Robbie re-assessed the situation and assured Dixie that Jessie has it taken care of.

In-ring: D.J. Zema Ion gave a formal ring intro for TNA tag champs Bro-Mans. On commentary, Mike Tenay (not pictured) asked Taz (not pictured) what she is so serious about addressing the talent tonight.

1 — TNA tag champions ROBBIE E. & JESSIE vs. ERIC YOUNG & JOSEPH PARK — non-title match

Less than a minute into the match, TNA cut to a backstage shot of Lei’D Tapa attacking ODB while Gail Kim shouted instructions. EY bailed to check on his storyline wife, ODB, leaving Park alone in the ring. Back to the match, Robbie exposed Park’s white socks before shouting down at him that he is a loser. The heels isolated Park, who tried a comeback, but Zema started hitting the horn over and over, distracting Park. Bro-Mans then finished off Park for the win.

Post-match: The Bro-Mans ripped off a guardrail and brought it into the ring. Park took a double-team bodyslam on the guardrail, ending his night.

WINNERS: Bro-Mans at 3:28. Apparently the deal is Dixie is making sure all potential threats to her title match are eliminated before the main event.

Backstage: Dixie Carter was shown watching the show on a monitor. Samoa Joe then walked in to chat with Dixie. Joe repeated Styles’s claim that Styles has a locker room full of wrestlers covering his back. Dixie stood up and asked if that’s a threat. He said he doesn’t threaten ladies, but if she tries to screw A.J., then she will have to go through him. Dixie said he made Joe, just like A.J., then booked him in a match against her nephew, Ethan Carter III. Dixie warned Joe to try to make it out alive. Joe laughed and said in her face that ECIII’s blood is on Dixie’s hands.

Still to come: Magnus vs. Styles for the TNA Title.

[Commercial Break at 9:26]

[Q3] During the Break: Joseph Park was determined to have a concussion.

Backstage: Eric Young found ODB unconscious. EY walked past Sting, who surmised this was Dixie Carter’s doing.

In-ring: James Storm was in the ring as Sting continued the search. Storm, dressed not to wrestle, called out Gunner for a chit-chat. Gunner hit the ring and listened to Storm give him a history lesson about the World Title breaking up a lot of tag teams. Gunner growled that he won the TNA Title case in an every-man-for-himself match, nothing personal.

Storm said he thinks they should hang the case up and compete for it again. Because he doesn’t think Gunner can do it again. Gunner shook on the challenge, putting the TNA Title shot case on the line in a future match.

Still to come: Styles vs. Magnus for the TNA Title.

Backstage: Ethan Carter III jumped Samoa Joe from behind. ECIII continued the ambush as Joe recovered to his feet.

[Commercial Break at 9:35]

Impact returned from break with Joe and ECIII battling from the backstage area through the curtain to the stage area in the Impact Zone. The two traded control before entering the ring for the match to officially start.


Joe went for an early Muscle Buster, but Rockstar Spud showed up and grabbed Joe’s foot from the outside. Spud prevented the Buster, then tried to crawl away. Joe got his hands on Spud, but ECIII blasted him from behind with a wrench. The ref called for the bell and Tenay said he’s being told the match was thrown out as a No Contest. Why would it be a No Contest and not a DQ win for Joe? ECIII and Spud stood over an injured Joe, who seethed on the floor as refs checked on him.

WINNER: No Contest at 2:52.

Backstage: Jeremy Borash brought in Kurt Angle to discuss his Steel Cage Open Challenge tonight. Angle unconvincingly recited lines that he is getting ready for the biggest match of his career against Bobby Roode next week. So, anyone who gets in his way will be destroyed tonight. Angle stomped off and Impact abruptly cut to break.

[Commercial Break at 9:44]

Backstage: A.J. Styles was shown reflecting on matters backstage.

Earlier Tonight: ODB, then Joseph Park, then Samoa Joe were taken out.

Trainer’s Room: The trainer tried to check on Samoa Joe, who refused to get an X-ray on his injured leg. The doctor demanded they get out of here to get it examined.

Backstage: EMTs were shown checking on two more fallen wrestlers identified as James Storm and Gunner. Sting freaked out, then found Dixie Carter walking around backstage. Dixie played dumb before Sting listed all of the injuries tonight. Dixie said wrestling is a dangerous business, then Sting paused and asked Dixie what’s wrong with her. Dixie accused Sting of being Dr. Phil trying to get in her head. Dixie told Sting to focus on his match tonight while she handles the casualties. Dixie said there’s more to it, but she’s had enough of him. Dixie stomped off, then Sting repeated her line about having enough of each other.

In-ring: The steel cage was erected in the Impact Zone. Kurt Angle emerged for his warm-up match against an unknown opponent. As Angle took a deep breath ringside, Tenay said they will find out Angle’s opponent next.

[Commercial Break at 9:52]

Back from break, Angle was pacing the steel cage. Bobby Roode’s music then played. The announcers sold shock over this as Roode walked out on-stage dressed to wrestle. Tenay jumped to the conclusion that Roode doesn’t want to wait for Genesis next week. On-stage, Roode said they will be locked inside the cage in seven days, where he will prove that he is better than Angle. As for tonight, Angle has an open challenge. Roode told him to take a good, hard, long look at him.

Roode asked Angle and the crowd if they want to see him in the cage tonight. TNA cut to a shot of Angle just staring straight ahead, not moving. Roode feigned entering the cage, then told him he will have to wait until next week. Angle went from unflinching to frowning. Roode said he found two guys to face Angle tonight, then brought out Kazarian and Christopher Daniels.

[Q5 — second hour]


Early on, Bad Influence double-teamed Angle with a bodyslam into the steel cage. B.I. continued the attack with stomps and kicks, but Angle continued to fight back. Suddenly, Angle had a small package on Daniels, but Kaz had the ref occupied by grabbing his shirt. So, B.I. went back on the attack, isolating Angle in one corner of the cage.

Angle came back at 4:00 with German Suplexes to Daniels, then to Kazarian. Angle dropped the straps to stalk Daniels for the Angle Slam, but Kaz attacked Angle from behind. The battle moved to the top turnbuckle, where Angle gave Kaz a German Suplex into his tag partner. Angle then dropped Kaz with an Angle Slam. One, two, three.

WINNER: Angle at 6:10. Basic build-up to Angle facing Bobby Roode in the steel cage next week.

Backstage: Dixie Carter shouted into her phone demanding the steel cage be left up. Dixie asked if the person understands English, then hung up. Bobby Roode walked in and Dixie asked if he’s ready for his cage match. Roode thought she was talking about bailing on Angle’s Open Challenge, but Dixie said he’s facing Sting. “Sting?! Sting?!” he shouted. Dixie appreciated his enthusiasm, pretending to miss the concern in Roode’s exclamation. Dixie told him to focus on being a team player tonight. Roode muttered as he walked off with a dazed look on his face.

[Commercial Break at 10:08]

Parking Garage: Kurt Angle was shown posing with a family for some pictures. Suddenly, Al Snow pulled up in a car. Snow claimed there was an emergency and he already had Angle’s clothes in the car. He said he needed to get Angle to the airport immediately. Angle went along with it and waved good-bye to the family before the vehicle sped off.

In-ring: Bobby Roode was introduced to the ring for the next steel cage match. Sting, who quickly put on facepaint for the cage match, was introduced next.


4 — STING vs. BOBBY ROODE — steel cage match

The bell sounded and Tenay hyped Magnus vs. A.J. Styles for the TNA Title still to come. Roode controlled early on and tried to escape through the front door, but Sting yanked him back inside the cage. Roode then contemplated scaling the corner of the cage to escape over the top, but Sting cut him off. Sting ran Roode head-first into the side of the cage before delivering a Stinger Splash. And a second.

Sting went for the Scorpion Deathlock, but Roode raked Sting’s eyes. Roode tried a fireman’s carry move, but Sting countered with a Scorpion Deathdrop. The Deathlock followed, putting Roode in trouble. Tenay said Sting is going to win the match, which meant he wasn’t. Suddenly, ECIII and Rockstar Spud showed up ringside. ECIII scaled the cage to distract Sting, while Spud tossed a foreign object to “Mr. Roode” through the cage. Sting turned around and took a blow to the gut, then to the back. Sting collapsed to the mat, then Roode unlocked the cage door and walked out of the cage to win.

WINNER: Roode at 7:11. If the previous match took away the specialness of a televised cage match, this one eliminated the purpose of the cage match. Idea was to get heat on Dixie’s cronies and on Roode before he faces Angle next week, but that would require long-term approach of protecting the cage match, which TNA has not done after regularly taking shortcuts.

Earlier Today: TNA cut to Mr. Anderson walking up the steps of an unidentified building. Anderson approached the front door and walked inside.

[Commercial Break at 10:23]

Last Thursday: Bully Ray doused Joseph Park in lighter fluid, but Mr. Anderson made the save, only to be sprayed with fluid for his trouble.

Church: Mr. Anderson was shown walking into the chapel where they held the Aces & Eights funeral to find Bully Ray sitting in the back pew. Ray warned Anderson not to get any closer to him because he will light him on-fire. Ray said forgiveness is a strength, but he is weak. He told a nervous Anderson that he does not think he can fully comprehend just how much damage Anderson has done to him. Ray said he wants his loneliness to encompass Anderson’s life.

Ray said next week is Genesis, which is the beginning. He said it will be the end for Anderson, though. Ray told Anderson to take a peek at the contents of the coffin to see what he put in there for him. Anderson slowly approached and found something that made him angry. When he turned around, Ray was gone. The camera then showed two baby blankets in Anderson’s hands, representing Anderson’s twin babies.

[Q7] Earlier Tonight: Chaos on Impact.

Backstage: Dixie Carter was shown texting when Sting barged in. Sting told Dixie that a pipe won’t stop him from being by Styles’s side tonight. Dixie ignored him and said it’s contract season. She said she always renews Sting’s deal and sweetens it a little bit. Sting said her filthy money won’t buy him, then Dixie tried to sweet-talk Sting. She said A.J. Styles wouldn’t have his back, so why should he? Dixie told Sting that he has a very important decision to make, then walked off to powder her nose.

Video Package: TNA Title feud.

Up Next: Styles was shown walking down the hallway. Magnus, too. The main event is next.

[Commercial Break at 10:33]

vs. Madison Rayne for the KO Title, and Bully Ray vs. Mr. Anderson.

In-ring: A.J. Styles was introduced first for the main event title match. Next out was Magnus, who held up Dixie’s version of the TNA Title in the faces of a few booing ringside fans. Once Magnus finished posing in the ring, Jeremy Borash handled formal ring introductions. The bell then sounded 18 minutes before the top of the hour.

5 — TNA World Hvt. champion A.J. STYLES vs. Dixie Carter TNA champion MAGNUS — Winner is TNA World champion — No DQ match

On commentary, Tenay stacked the deck against Styles with all of his friends taken out tonight. Taz then read a tweet from Dixie earlier this week about wrestling being a dangerous sport. As for the match, Magnus started by feigning a knee injury. Magnus left the ring a few times to sell the effects, then Rockstar Spud and ECIII hit the ring to attack Styles.

After the attack, Sting jogged down to ringside to help out Styles, clearing ECIII from the ring. The heels regrouped on the outside, with Magnus making it seem like he didn’t want their help. Sting and Styles went back-to-back in the ring to cover potential lines of attack as Impact cut to break.

[Q8] [Commercial Break at 10:46]

Impact returned 11 minutes before the top of the hour with heels hitting the ring to attack A.J. and knock down Sting. But, Magnus was unable to secure a three count. Ref Earl Hebner then refused to count a three count, allowing Styles to kick out. Magnus then sat back in the corner as Bro-Mans attacked Styles. But, Sting recovered and cleared the heels from the ring.

Bad Influence provided the next wave of attack on Styles. B.I. took out their long-time foe, then Magnus covered, but Ref Hebner refused to make a count for Magnus. Earl backed Magnus into a corner, then demanded everyone leave the ring. Hebner had enough and bailed from the ring, hitting Spud on the way out. Dixie Carter then showed up with ref Brian Hebner, acting as if he had Brian hostage. Earl shouted at Dixie, then kept walking as Dixie threw Brian down to ringside.

Back in the ring, Magnus covered Styles, but only scored a two count. The heels cornered ref Brian to protest. Meanwhile, Sting delivered a double Scorpion on the outside. ECIII then took some punishment via Scorpion Deathlock. Back in the ring, Styles and Sting delivered offense to the heels. Styles was left alone in the ring, then Magnus tried to attack Styles, but Styles countered with the Calfkiller. Before Magnus tapped, B.I. attacked ref Brian and chucked him out of the ring.

Styles recovered and took out Bad Influence, drawing cheers from the crowd. Styles then hit the Clash on Magnus, but there was no referee. Suddenly, Earl Hebner charged down to the ring, but B.I. yanked him out of the ring. Styles then jumped over the top rope, splashing both Kaz and Daniels mid-argument with Hebner.

Back in the ring, Styles measured Magnus for a top-rope move, but Bobby Roode ran down and shoved Styles off the top. Roode then dropped Styles with his fireman’s carry finisher. Roode removed his t-shirt, then delivered his finisher again. The crowd chanted for Angle, but Tenay pointed out that they don’t know that Angle had an “emergency.” Roode then lifted up Styles to deliver his finisher for the third time. Dixie then showed up with another ref held hostage. Ref Brian Stiffler slowly entered the ring and counted three for Magnus to win the match.

WINNER: Magnus at 15:45 to become TNA champion.

Post-match: Magnus stood tall with Dixie, who celebrated before taunting Styles. Tenay expressed outrage over how this match unfolded before TNA replayed the parade of run-ins. Back in the ring, Magnus gave Dixie one of the TNA Title belts to pose with in the ring. The camera then focused on Magnus posing in the corner to close the show.


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