TNA Impact Report – 4/17/14

We open the show with a look back at last week when Eric Young defeated Brutus Magnus for the TNA World Title, then we see Eric backstage after the show saying how it was more perfect than he ever imagined it could be.



Eric Young comes out to the ring to “you deserve it” chants and talks about how he still can’t believe that he’s the World Champion. It’s taken him ten years, but he finally won the World Title and he’s not going to be a paper champion, he’s going to be a champion for all the fans. Dixie Carter comes out and takes credit for Eric’s title win and claims she always saw potential in him and saved him during the whole “Don’t Fire Eric” thing. She takes credit for making beards look cool on TV years before anyone else did, and she demands royalty checks for others who have infringed on her intellectual property. Eric tells Dixie that MVP is running this place and they don’t need her anymore, but Dixie says he’s in her domain now because she’s the President of the company, and he is now the hood ornament of Dixie’s 2014 Ferrari, and he will go wherever she takes TNA. Eric says that being around her that much is going to make him sick, and she says he’s disrespecting her company and her belt when he talks to her like that. Eric is not moved by her speech, and he says that Dixie’s looking in the wrong place if she’s looking for another paper champion. Dixie says she’s going to give him a makeover and Eric asks if she’s threatening him, but Bully Ray comes out to the ring and asks how many people are sick of hearing Dixie talk. He says that Eric is a role model for everyone who’s ever been held down by a loser boss, and Dixie ought to be proud of Eric for working his way up to where he is today. He’s proud that he spent Dixie’s money at a strip club, and he reminds Dixie about what he does to people like her when there’s a table in the ring. He says this is Eric’s time, and does the nanananagoodbye thing with the crowd. Dixie leaves, and Bubba says that he doesn’t endorse many people in the business, but he likes and respects Eric and says he’s a World Champion the fans can be proud of. Bubba leads the crowd in an “EY” chant as we go to commercial.

Streetfight: Velvet Sky vs Madison Rayne

Velvet and Madison go at it right from the start, and while Velvet gets the early advantage, Madison turns the tables and sends her out of the ring at Angelina’s feet. Madison grabs both of their hair, but Angelina snaps Madison’s neck down on the top rope and Velvet comes in to work Madison over with a cookie sheet. Madison goes out to the floor, but Velvet goes out after her and goes “Come on, princess!” before whipping her into the steps. Velvet brings Madison back inside and covers her for 2, then gets a trash can from Angelina and promptly has it kicked into her own face by Madison. Madison gets the trash can and begins pounding Velvet over the back with it before launching it in Angelina’s direction. Madison turns back to Velvet, but Angelina apparently didn’t appreciate that and cracks Madison in the back with a kendo stick. Angelina comes into the ring, but Madison sidesteps a charge and sends her back outside, then spears Velvet and covers her for the win.

Winner: Madison Rayne

Madison holds the belt high, and will now go on to defend the title against Angelina at Sacrifice.

Eric Young finds Bully Ray backstage and thanks him for everything he said out there. Bubba says that’s all good, but he has more of Dixie’s money to spend and is headed back to Rick’s. Bubba leaves, and Abyss comes right out of nowhere and challenges Eric to a title match later on tonight. Eric says that if they’re going to do that, they’ll do it right: he wants a Monster’s Ball. Abyss asks him if he’s crazy, and Eric says he is, and he’ll see him later tonight.

Ethan Carter III finds Spud backstage and gives him a pep talk before his match with Willow tonight. He knows he’s afraid of him after being trapped in his torture shack, but Spud needs to remember that he was the one who pushed Jeff Hardy off the ladder and that he’s a Lion. Spud gets fired up and…starts to walk out until EC3 grabs him and turns him back toward the ring.

MVP is in the ring and puts over Eric Young’s title win last week, but he says he was perturbed when Samoa Joe was “unavailable” last week. He says Samoa Joe was “disgruntled” and he wants to talk to him face to face, but Austin Aries comes out to the ring and says he’s the most disgruntled man who ever lived. MVP hasn’t been talking to him or thinking about him, but he’s been sitting on the sidelines since Lockdown and that lit a fire under his ass. He had a gauntlet match with the best TNA has to offer, but he didn’t have the greatest. He wants answers, so MVP says he came to Aries like a man, but Aries screwed him over and now he can lie in it. Aries asks if this is why his career is being screwed with, but MVP says this isn’t about Aries or his ego, it’s about the people. But if Aries wants some validation, he can give him the chance right now. MVP takes his jacket off and Aries takes his shirt off, and they go nose to nose. Aries says if he wants to do it, they can go at it…next week. Aries says he’s not stupid and won’t trade punches with a convicted felon, and he’ll see him next week.

TNA World Tag Team Title Match: The Bromans vs the Wolves

The Wolves are sick of the Bromans’ crap after weeks of being ducked, and they don’t ever wait for the bell before going after Robbie E and going to town on him. The Wolves duck a pair of charges from the Bromans and send them out to the floor, then they take Robbie and Jessie out with stereo dives. The crowd is 100% behind the Wolves as Eddie and Davey go to the top rope for double stomps on Robbie, but Jessie shakes the top rope and knocks both Wolves down to the mat. Robbie gets a couple of two counts on Davey, then I see something I never thought I would: Robbie and Jessie working Davey Richards over and trapping him in their half of the ring. Miscommunication finally allows Davey to get to the corner and tag in Eddie, who comes in and destroys both Robbie and Jessie with Kobashi chops. The Wolves hit the Alarm Clock on Robbie and then drill him with the top rope double stomps. Eddie makes a cover and is about to get the three count when DJ Zema comes in and hits Eddie with his laptop.

Winners: The Wolves by DQ

And the Bromans again escape with the TNA World Tag Team Title.

Willow is…somewhere. He cuts a promo on EC3 and Spud and does his Willow laugh.

We see a couple of video packages of Eric Young, including comments from Eric saying that he finally accomplished his dream after 17 years, even though he doesn’t have a champion’s look or a champion’s body.

Ethan Carter III & Rockstar Spud vs Willow

Willow beats up EC3 and occasionally takes a few seconds to chase Spud off. EC3 finally yanks Willow down by the mask, but that only slows Willow down for a second before he comes back with some standard Jeff Hardy offense. Spud gets a shot at Willow from the outside and allows EC3 to lay into Willow with some hard hitting offense. Spud finally tags in and gets a few shots in before Willow grabs his leg and Spud immediately scurries to the corner and tags EC3 back in. They begin to double team Willow, but he gets free and hits the Twist of Fate on Spud for a quick win.

Winner: Willow

EC3 attacks Willow and prepares to hook his leg in the submission hold when Kurt Angle’s music hits. Angle comes sprinting out to the ring and German suplexes EC3 out of his boots and sends him running for cover.

We come back from commercial and Kurt Angle is still in the ring. He says EC3 looks like he saw a ghost, and EC3 thought he ended Angle’s career, but he’s back. He’s a Hall of Famer, he’s had plenty of injuries, and as we all know, he won the Olympics with a broken freakin’ neck. Soon, he’ll have EC3 in the ring and it’ll just be the two of them, and he’ll realize why people call him the cyborg. He’s capable of breaking any bone in EC3’s body, but he won’t do it…not right away. He’s going to take his time, make him squeal, and tap out in his head long before his body does. He tells EC3 he won’t be taken out of the ring on a stretcher, he’ll be taken out in a bodybag.

Bobby Roode is backstage and says that Bully Ray took away an opportunity for him, so he’s taken the tables away from Bully Ray and made them his own. He’s going to put Bubba through a table again at Sacrifice, but he’s got an open challenge tonight to anyone but Bubba, because he wants him to watch Roode put someone through a table tonight.

We see a video package of Sanada focusing on how hard he pushes himself to train to bring honor on himself and his home country of Japan.

Kenny King comes out and asks the fans if they missed him, then says he’s not here to fight MVP again, he’s here to watch the X Division series between Sanada and Tigre Uno, and will take a seat at the broadcast booth for an up close look.

X Division Title Best Of Three Series, Match Two: Sanada vs Tigre Uno

Sanada is up 1-0 on Tigre as we come into this match, and they do a lot of lucha stuff to start off. A fast paced sequence ends with Sanada dropkicking Tigre and then catching him with a springboard chop to the head for 2. Tigre KILLS Sanada with a cradle suplex that drops Sanada on the top of his head, and he finishes Sanada with the Phoenix splash.

Winner: Tigre Uno

Quick but fun. I believe this was Sanada’s first pinfall loss since coming to TNA.

Bully Ray is backstage giving someone a pep talk and saying that he wants to see Bobby Roode go through a table tonight.

Bobby Roode is in the ring and says that he hopes Bully Ray is taking notes, because he’s about to watch the master of the tables in action.

Tables Match: Bobby Roode vs Gunner

Roode jumps Gunner before the bell, and he stomps Gunner down in the corner. Roode tries to bring a table into the ring, but Gunner kicks it in Roode’s face and then drills him with a hard clothesline on the entry ramp. They both try unsuccessfully to ram each other into a table leaned against a ringpost, so Gunner just rams Roode into the ring steps instead. Roode rolls inside and ropkicks Gunner, who just avoids falling backward through a table. Roode sets a table up in the corner, but Gunner gets fired up and starts swinging back at Roode. Roode shuts that down with a Blockbuster, but Gunner quickly comes back and clotheslines Roode in the corner before popping him over with a snap suplex. Gunner goes to the top, but James Storm comes out and nails Gunner, allowing Roode to slam him off the top rope onto the table. The table doesn’t break, so Roode picks Gunner up and hits the Roode Bomb through the table for the win.

Winner: Bobby Roode

Storm and Roode prepare to continue the beating on Gunner when Bully Ray runs out to make the save.

We see several TNA stars share their thoughts on Eric Young as the TNA World Champion, then EY himself says that he’ll show everyone tonight in the Monster’s Ball why he is crazy enough to challenge Abyss and why he’s the World Champion.

Bully Ray catches up with Gunner backstage and asks how many tables he’s been through in his career. Gunner says that was probably the first, so Bubba says he’s been through more than he can count. He says Gunner needs to pick himself up so they can team up to face Storm and Roode next week, and Gunner says that’s a hell of an idea.

It’s main event time!

Monster’s Ball/TNA World Title Match: Eric Young vs Abyss

They go at it as soon as Abyss comes into the ring and EY briefly gets the advantage before Abyss literally picks EY up and flings him over the top rope. Abyss grabs a trash can from under the ring, and EY baseball slides it into his face and tries for a dive, but Abyss recovers and SMASHES Eric in the head with the trash can on the way out. We’re at commercial.

We’re back, and EY is still in trouble as Abyss catapults him into the corner and wedges his head between the top and middle ropes. Abyss gets the bag from under the ring and pours out…THUMBTACKS! EY avoids that fate for the moment by using a cheese grater on Abyss’ ding ding, then takes Abyss out with a flying forearm. Abyss blocks a piledriver on the thumbtacks, then brings his old girlfriend Janice out from under the ring. He swings it at EY, but Eric ducks and Abyss lodges Janice in the top turnbuckle. EY kicks Abyss in the ding ding and then gets ahold of Janice, but Abyss goozles Young before he has a chance to take a swing and chokeslams him onto the thumbtacks. Abyss makes a cover, but Eric is out at 2. Abyss brings a barbed wire board into the ring and tries for another chokeslam, but EY bites Abyss’ hand, dropkicks him onto the board, and hits the top rope elbowdrop for the win.

Winner: Eric Young

Hell of a brawl for a TV match! EY makes it through his first title defense, and the former champion didn’t show his face once tonight.

Credit: PWInsider

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