TNA Impact Results – 9/19/2013

We open the show with Brutus Magnus backstage talking about losing the finals of the Bound For Glory Series, and yes he came up short, but he left it all out there and he has no regrets even if Bobby Roode and his crew got involved. Roode gets in his face and tells Magnus to stop blaming him for the loss, and Magnus grabs Roode by the shirt and gets ready to give him a piece of his mind, but Daniels and Kazarian jump Magnus from behind and lay him out while Roode yells at Magnus to never even think about putting his hands on him.



We see a video package looking at AJ winning the Bound For Glory Series and calling out Dixie Carter to see him face to face tonight, and then we go to the arena where Magnus comes out to the ring and talks about how banged up he is after almost winning the Bound For Glory Series. Magnus says for the record that he thinks AJ Styles is the best in the business and he wishes him all the luck in the world at Bound For Glory, but he has some business right now with Ego. Magnus says his family isn’t there with him, but any one of Ego who wants to face him in the ring can come out and they can do this right now. Frankie Kazarian comes out and starts brawling with Magnus, but that doesn’t last long before Christopher Daniels runs in to double team Magnus. Miscommunication leads to Kazarian accidentally nailing Daniels, so Magnus dumps him out of the ring and goes to work on Daniels, but Bobby Roode comes out and the three of them beat Magnus down. Finally, after watching their buddy get his ass kicked 3-on-1 for the required thirty seconds or so, Sting and Samoa Joe run out and clear the ring, then Sting says that if they want a fight, they can make it a six man tag right here tonight in ST LOUIS!!!

Chris Sabin is backstage telling Manik how it takes guts to march into Hogan’s office and demand to face Jeff Hardy, who’s a former World Champion…like him. Sabin proceeds to put Manik over in the most backhanded way possible, putting himself over with every compliment he throws Manik’s way, and he says that he and Velvet Sky are going to come out to take a closer look at tonight’s X Division Title match.

X Division Champion Manik vs Jeff Hardy

They do some basic feeling out stuff to start, Manik takes Hardy to the corner and unloads with a few shots, but Hardy backdrops Manik to the floor and takes him out with a running clothesline off the apron. Hardy hits the inverted enziguiri, but Manik dodges the springboard dropkick in the corner and drop toeholds Hardy onto the middle rope, then springboards off the corner to dropkick Hardy in the face. Manik waits for Hardy to get to his feet and goes for a springboard dropkick, but Hardy dodges and hits Manik with the Whisper In The Wind for 2. Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate, Manik escapes and hits Go To Sleep and tries a tiger suplex, Hardy tries a victory roll, but Manik drops down and cradles Hardy for 2. Hardy hits the Twist of Fate on the second try and then goes to the top rope and hits the Swanton for the win.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Okay, I guess the title wasn’t on the line here, but I don’t like how they just sacrificed the X Division Champion to somebody who will clearly have no interest in the title. Chris Sabin gets in the ring and raises Manik’s hand to show support, then jumps him from behind and kicks the crap out of him for no real reason. Hardy runs back to the ring to chase Sabin off as Velvet Sky apparently has no idea what is going on.

We look at earlier today as Dixie Carter arrives at the building and doesn’t say why she’s here except that “there’s a lot going on.” Well, thanks for clarifying, Dixie.

Sabin is backstage telling Velvet to get her stuff together because they’re out of here, and Jason Hervey asks Sabin why he just attacked Manik. Sabin says it’s because nobody respects him even thought he’s a six time X Division Champion and a former World Champion. Manik is the most disrespectful one of them after all he did for him, but Manik shows him no respect just like he doesn’t get any respect from the fans.

Knockouts Title Match: Mickie James vs ODB

Mickie James tries to jump ODB before the bell, but ODB quickly fires back on her. Mickie gets ODB on the mat and connects with a charging kick, then puts the boots to ODB before choking her on the middle rope. Mickie goes for a Boss Man Straddle, but ODB sees her coming and spears her for 2. Mickie catches ODB with a series of kicks and a flapjack, kips up to her feet, and curtsies to the fans before heading ot the top. Mickie goes for a double stomp, ODB moves out of the way and launches Mickie over her head with a fallaway slam before doing a kip up of her own. Mickie is outside the ring demanding the timekeeper call a time out, ODB goes out to the apron but Mickie sweeps her legs out from under her and then pulls ODB’s legs behind the apron, trapping her in place so she can unload with some free shots as we go to commercial.

We come back as Mickie is going for a series of covers on ODB, but can’t put her away, so she goes to the corner for the flying headscissors, but ODB blocks it and dumps her with a powerbomb instead. They trade shots in the middle of the ring and ODB makes…uh…a couple of obscene gestures at Mickie before lighting her up with a clothesline and a shoulderblock, followed by a delayed vertical suplex. ODB makes a cover but only gets 2. She’s all fired up as she charges Mickie in the corner, but Mickie gets the boots up and ODB takes them square in the face. Mickie follows that up with a spinning kick to the face, and ODB goes down and she is out. Mickie screams at ODB to get up, then physically drags her limp body to the corner. She’s going for a tornado DDT, but ODB carries her out and hits a TKO, and we have a new Knockouts Champion!

Winner and NEW Knockouts Champion: ODB

Out of nowhere, we have a new Knockouts Champion, and the new champ’s husband comes into the ring with Joseph Park in tow to celebrate. It’s a festive scene, but it’s interruped by the Bromans, who say they hate to break up this celebration, but even though EY has a reason to be in there since he’s married to “that”, but Joseph Park is just a third wheel hamster loser. Robbie E says this is the creepiest three way in history, and the Bromans pretend to heave until Joseph Park sets them straight for trying to diminish the new Knockouts Champion and besmirch the institution of holy matrimony. Park says he’d teach them a lesson if he wasn’t wearing his suit, but EY says that unfortunately for Robbie E, he’s not wearing a suit. Looks like we have an impromptu match!

Robbie E vs Eric Young

Robbie charges Young, Young dodges and rolls Robbie up for 3.

Winner: Eric Young

Robbie yells to turn EY’s music off and says that wasn’t a match because he didn’t challenge Young, and he wants Joseph Park. Park is reluctant, so Robbie asks “Are you afraid of me, you fat bastard?” Park’s eyes go steely and he gives Robbie a death glare as he takes his glasses and jacket off, and he begins to head to the ring as we go to commercial.

Joseph Park vs Robbie E

Robbie charges Park, Park dodges and rolls Robbie up for 3.

Winner: Joseph Park

The Bromans jump Park and dump him out to the floor, then go after EY and give him an elevated implant DDT, which actually looks like a pretty sweet tag team finish. Too bad they use it. The Bromans go out to the floor and ram Park into the ringpost before coming back inside to go back to beating up Young. Park gets back in the ring and sees blood running down his face, and he Abyss’s up and takes both men out, chokeslamming Jessie and giving Robbie a Black Hole Slam before snapping out of it as Eric Young smiles and hugs Park before raising his hand.

We go to the broadcast table where Mike Tenay says they still don’t have a medical update on Ken Anderson, and Taz says it was a great match for his best friend Bully Ray, but he thinks Bubba might have crossed the line a bit. We then go to a video package recapping the history between Bubba and Anderson and the friction their dissension caused in Aces & Eights, before the gang eventually sided with Bubba and set him up so Bubba could win the match and then beat Anderson within an inch of his life afterward. Bully Ray is here with Brooke Tessmacher’s ass, and he’ll speak to us…NEXT!

Hulk Hogan is backstage asking Dixie Carter what’s up with AJ Styles, and she says she’s got this one. Hulk offers to go out there with her, but Dixie just says she’s got this and walks off.

We go back out to the arena as Bully Ray shows up with a Brooke-on-a-chain. Oh yeah, Aces & Eights is with them, too. Anyway, Bubba responds to the boos by saying it seems like everyone is really happy to see him tonight, and that they’re all proud of their World Champion. Bubba looks around and asks where Ken Anderson is, then says he supposes he couldn’t make it. Bubba asks the fans to think about something (and try really hard because they’re not the smartest people in the world), but he wants to know if they know who he is. He’s Bully Ray: the World Champion, the President of Aces & Eights, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. There is someone he needs to thank, because he could not have defended his World Title if it weren’t for someone special, someone he can trust, and someone who always does right by me. Aces & Eights smiles and nods since they each think he’s talking about them, but it’s really because of Brooke, because without her, he would be nothing. Knux, Wes, and Garett are all obviously perturbed by this, and Bubba goes on and on about how awesome she is while they stand there like a bunch of chumps and scowl. Bubba sees them and asks Wes what the problem is. Wes says that they’ve done everything he’s asked them to do, and asks how he’s going to blow them off for her. Bubba says not to refer to Brooke as “her” ever again, and to not even look at her again. Garett says Wes has a point because the two of them have had his back since day one, and his judgment and priorities have been way out of whack since she came on board. Bubba appreciates Garett’s spirit, but (he shoves Garett into the corner) he tells him to never bone up to him like that ever again, because Garett and Brisco were nobody before he brought them into this club, and if they ever step out of line again, he swears he will smack him in the face. Knux asks if Bubba will smack him in the face too, and he’s been in the club since day one for a year and a half. Bubba has a big mouth, and they’ve sat around saving him over and over, and they went from like 25 members to 4, and it’s because of his leadership. The last year has been Bully Ray business, not club business, and Bubba forgot the first rule of the club, which is bros before hos. Brooke doesn’t appreciate that, and netiher does Bubba, who shoves Knux and says that if he ever steps out of line again and if he EVER refers to his girl as a ho (fans start chanting ho at Brooke), he will knock his head off. Knux takes his hat off and starts walking toward Bubba, who backs out to the ramp and tells Knux to stand down as he and Brooke head to the back.

Sting is backstage telling Magnus not to let last week get him down, and Joe tells Magnus not to forget who they are. Magnus is up and says he’s in, and we’re going to see these guys face Ego later tonight!

TNA World Tag Team Champions James Storm & Gunner vs Chavo Guerrero, Jr & Hernandez

Chavo gets a mic before the match and says that as muchas he’d love to wipe up the mat with them, he’s injured and won’t be allowed to wrestle tonight. Gunner gets a mic of his own and says that apparently, these guys are scared. He tells Chavo to shut his mouth because he came here to fight, and before he leaves the ring, someone’s going to fight him and tells Hernandez to do this. Storm says if Gunner wants to fight, he’ll sit at ringside and cheer him on. Okay, looks like we’ve got a slight change here…

Gunner vs Hernandez

Hernandez completely overpowers Gunner, rolling over him with a shoulderblock and hammering him with forearms before blocking a suplex and reversing to a gourdbuster onto the top rope for 2. Hernandez whips Gunner hard into the corner and hits the backbreaker over the shoulder for 2. Hernandez hits the ropes and goes for a splash, but Gunner gets the knees up and fires off some right hands. Hernandez quickly turns things back his way with a Pounce, then he charges Gunner inthe corner, gets backdropped to the ring apron, and charges down the ramp and hits a shoulderblock over the ropes. They both get to their feet and trade blows, Hernandez gets the advantage and goes for a suplex, but Gunner reverses and gives Hernandez a slingshot suplex. Hernandez powers Hernandez up and hits a fallaway slam in an impressive show of strength, then plants Hernandez with a uranage backbreaker for the win.

Winner: Gunner

Much better match than I expected out of these two.

AJ Styles is backstage chatting on his cell phone with a big smile on his face, and he’ll be talking to Dixie Carter tonight! But first, our main event six man tag is up…NEXT!


Ego vs Main Event Mafia

Daniels tried to get the jump on Joe by attacking him before the bell, but Joe turns it around and absolutely obliterates Daniels, beating him down in the corner and going for the facewash before Daniels powders out to the floor to create some breathing room. Daniels comes back in and tags out to Kazarian, but poor Frankie doesn’t seem to have any better luck than Daniels did. He goes for a springboard crossbody out of the corner, but Joe casually steps out of the way and then he and Magnus unleash a series of double teams on Kazarian before tagging in Sting, who dumps Kazarian out to the floor, brutalizes him out there, then brings him back inside to dish out some more punishment. Ego uses some subterfuge to distract Sting so Kazarian can nail him and dump him out to the floor where Daniels puts the boots to him as we go to commecial.

We’re back and Sting is still in trouble, taking a beating for several more minutes until he dodges a shot from Kazarian, causing him to nail Daniels, and leaps to his corner where he tags Magnus in to clean house. Magnus goes to town on Roode, hitting a Michinoku Driver for 2, then Daniels and Joe come into the ring and go at it. Sting takes Daniels and Kazarian out with a double clothesline, Roode nails Sting, and Joe nails Roode and Joe and Magnus hit their finish on Roode, who would have gone down for 3 if Daniels didn’t come in to break the fall. Joe dumps Kazarian out to the floor and nails him with a dive as Sting hits a Stinger Splash on Daniels and gets him in the Scorpion Deathlock. Daniels distracts the referee as Roode comes into the ring with Sting’s baseball bat, Magnus sees him coming and sacrifices himself by throwing his body over Sting, and Roode nails Magnus with the bat and covers him for the win.

Winners: Ego

I really liked that finish, that was super babyface on Magnus’ part.

Time to find out what’s on AJ Styles’ mind! AJ comes out to the ring and says he’s been busting his butt since day one at the Asylum with his band of brothers, trying to put this company on the map, and Dixie Carter’s daddy bought her a wrasslin’ company even though she had no experience in the wrestling business and broke up the chemistry of what TNA was. AJ asks what happened to Jerry Lynn, what happened to Low Ki, and he says Dixie traded them in for MMA stars and people from other companies to take a two year, paid vacation before going home. AJ says Alex Shelley, Jay Lethal, and Petey Williams are not here because of Dixie, and it pisses him off. AJ asks if he’s the only one who’s pissed off about this, the fans indicate that he isn’t, and AJ says that now he has a chance to win her World Title, and despite what the internet says, he doesn’t have a contract here, but it doesn’t matter because nobody with a contract respects her anyway. He’s going to win the title, do it for his brothers, do it for the fans, and when he wins the World Title, he’s going to make her get down on her knees, make her pay, and make her beg.

Now her highness comes out to the ring, looks AJ right in the eye, and AJ says he at least expected a tweet or something. Dixie says she’s known him a long time, and for him to come out and say these things in sucha public way, that he means them from the bottom of his heart. Dixie says she’s sorry because she holds herself accountable to the investors, the stockholders, the staff, and to the fans, and she’s accountable to him and owes him an apology, and she’s sorry. She’s so sorry that she ever allowed him to think that he was important in this company. She should have let him know a long time ago that he’s barely better than an average fish in any pond, that the Phenomenal thing is an illusion she created for all those five star matches he used to have, and she says used to because she can’t remember the last time he had one, and he’s lucky if they can even call her the Marginal One because he’s not what he used to be. She tells the fans to hang on and thanks AJ for allowing her to come into HER ring on HER show and respond to all the crap he has criticized her for over the last few weeks, and now she hopes they’re crystal clear on everything he wanted to talk about. Oh, and by the way, without her daddy’s paycheck, he’d still be living in a trailer, and this is the house that SHE built, and he’s lucky, LUCKY, LUCKY that she ever let him play in it to begin with. Dixie tells the production staff to cut off AJ’s mic because this show is over, and the lights go out as we call it a show.


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