TNA Impact Wrestling Report – 7/10/14

We start tonight’s show off with a rundown of tonight’s series of title matches and the #1 contender’s battle royal, then Kurt Angle comes out to welcome us to the Champion’s Showcase. He runs down tonight’s title matches, then asks Willow to come down to the ring to speak with him. He knows what Willow is all about and how Jeff Hardy had to find a place of darkness to deal with Dixie Carter and MVP, but he’s in charge now and he needs the most competitive wrestler in the business: Jeff Hardy. He’s not asking Willow to leave forever, just for tonight, and he asks if Willow will consider that. Willow doesn’t speak, but seems to agree with that and shakes Angle’s hand.



The Wolves are backstage, and they’re…WALKING!

Austin Aries is backstage and says Kurt Angle finally gave him his rematch with Sanada. He created option C, so while there will be 20 man in a battle royal to earn a title shot, he’s one man and he’s going to beat Sanada to become the X Division Champion, and then he’ll have all the options in his hand when we get to Destination X.

TNA World Tag Team Title Match: The Wolves vs Brutus Magnus & Bram

Magnus starts by powering Davey Richards into the corner, but Davey uses his speed to maneuver Magnus into the Wolves corner and work him over with kicks. Bram gets the same when he comes in to try and help, and the Wolves are in complete control as they easily wrestle circles around Magnus and Bram. The challengers finally get an advantage by trapping Davey in the ring apron and taking free shots, then Magnus slams Davey hard on the floor and dumps him back into the ring to take more punishment from Bram. Davey’s in trouble for a couple of minutes before making the hot tag to Eddie, who comes in and lights Bram up with strikes. Eddie connects with a missile dropkick, then hits a top rope Frankensteiner for 2. The Wolves dump Magnus and Bram to the floor and hit stereo dives, then Davey rolls Bram inside and goes for the top rope double stomp. Bram dodges and goes for a gutwrench powerbomb, Davey slips out and gets a backslide, but Davey isn’t the legal man. Eddie is, and he dives in and gets a jackknife rollup on Bram for the win.

Winners: The Wolves

Bram is pissed that he lost, and he proceeds to beat the ever-loving CRAP out of the Wolves until Magnus literally drags him out of the ring.

Bobby Roode is backstage and says he got some retribution against Kenny King last week, but he wants MVP and he’s calling him out tonight.

Bobby Roode comes out to the ring and asks the fans if they’ve ever wanted something so badly that they would do anything to have it. He feels that way about the TNA World Title, and he sat home for two months because MVP was the boss and he saw Roode as a threat. He has news for MVP: his threat is standing in the middle of the ring, and he’s not his boss anymore. He wanted a match with MVP last week and MVP hid behind a doctor’s note, so this week, he’s going to give MVP until the count of 10, and if MVP doesn’t come out here by 10, he’s going to go looking for him and kick his ass. MVP comes out in a wheelchair at 5, and says he didn’t take anything away from Roode, and if anything, Roode took something away from him because he was days away from being cleared when Roode attacked him and reinjured the knee so badly he couldn’t even get an MRI. Roode says he doesn’t care because he’s going to come kick his ass, and begins making his way up the ramp. Kenny King comes out of the crowd to attack Roode, but Roode sees him coming this week, lays King out, then brings MVP to ringside and dumps him out of the chair. King is up and nails Roode from behind with a chair, then holds him for MVP to take free shots. Young goes at it with King and lays him out, then turns his attention to MVP, who backs off to the corner. Young almost has his hands on him when Lashley comes out of nowhere and spears Young into next week.

James Storm sits down with Sanada backstage and says that Sanada has put a lot of pressure on himself. If he loses that title, he brings disgrace on his country and his mentor. He knows Muta uses that title to control him, and he knows Muta is coming to New York to see him defend it, but Storm likes what he sees and hopes he wins tonight. Sanada gets up to get in his face, but Storm pushes him back into his chair and tells him not to choke.

Kurt Angle is backstage and says he knows what Willow is all about, but he thinks he got through to Jeff Hardy, and he thinks we’re going to see him in the battle royal tonight.

X Division Title Match: Sanada vs Austin Aries

They do some basic chain wrestling to start with neither man able to get a sustained advantage. Aries suddenly gets a takedown and gets Sanada right in the Last Chancery, but Sanada quickly makes the ropes. Sanada gets a leg ride and rolls Aries around the ring before cradling him for 2 and then clotheslining him to the floor. Sanada tries a springboard, but Aries shoves him to the floor and then comes off the top rope with a double axhandle to the floor. Aries hits a pumping elbowdrop for 2, but comes off the top rope with a crossbody and eats a dropkick from Sanada. Sanada rolls Aries out to the floor and comes off the apron with a somersault dive, then rolls Aries inside and springboards off the ropes with a Tatanka chop for 1. Aries grabs Sanada and goes for the kneebreaker/suplex combo, but Sanada rolls through into a sunset flip for 2. Aries blocks a Tiger suplex and tries the IED, but Sanada gets a boot up, hits a backbreaker, and goes up for a moonsault. Aries nails him and drops Sanada face first on the top turnbuckle. Aries hits the IED, goes for a brainbuster, Sanada slips out and gets a Tiger suplex for 2. Sanada with a backbreaker and hits the moonsault, but Aries is out again at 2. Sanada looks pissed and slams Aries, but misses another moonsault. Aries drills Sanada with a roaring elbow, hits the kneebreaker/suplex, another IED, the brainbuster, and Sanada kicks out at 2. Aries goes right to the top, hits the 450 splash, and regains the X Division Title.

Winner and NEW X Division Champion: Austin Aries

Awesome match! The last few minutes were great, felt like it could go either way and all the false finishes were great.

Bully Ray is hanging out in the staircase and says he has some stuff to say about Rhino tonight.

We look back at last week when Rhino returned to TNA and gored Bully Ray, then we go back to Bubba in the stairwell. He thought he knew Rhino after the 20 years they’ve been up and down the roads together, and he wants to talk to Rhino man-to-man, face-to-face in the ring tonight.

We go to Ethan Carter III, who says that Rhino is going to reveal Bubba for the man we all truly know he is tonight.

To the ring, where Bully Ray comes storming out to the ring and says that Bam Bam Bigelow gave him some great advice about only needing the fingers on one hand to count the true friends he has in the industry. He thought Rhino was one of those friends but he was wrong, so since he knows Rhino is here tonight, he wants him to come out and give him answers right now. Rhino does come out…but brings EC3 and Spud with him. The crowd informs Rhino that he sold out as Bubba tells Rhino that he should beat the crap out of him right now, but he wants to know why he did that to him after all their history in the business. Rhino tells Bubba to shut his mouth so he can give him answers. When he was sitting at home watching TNA, he knows that Bubba is a con man. Devon isn’t here anymore because he conned him, he conned Paul Heyman, and he conned Dixie Carter. Bubba says Rhino sold out and that this is just pure jealousy. Bubba is in the Hall of Fame because the fans think he should be, but Rhino says the fans know nothing. Bubba says Rhino is responsible for his own career, he’s the reason he got fired from WWE, he’s the reason he got fired from TNA, and why he was once hardcore but is now just a bitch. EC3 tells Bubba that Rhino’s real family is in Detroit and needs money to keep a roof over their head, money that Bubba stole from him by hogging the spotlight. He paid Rhino to do what he did last week, and he’s going to keep paying him to take Bubba out. Bubba tells EC3 that he’s going to take him out, but he doesn’t get a chance because Rhino gores him into next week, and then the three of them put the boots to Bubba. Tommy Dreamer suddenly runs in and nails Rhino with a Singapore cane, but EC3 heads for the hills before Dreamer can nail him too.

The Beautiful People are backstage complaining about tonight’s match being a four way and wasting all that effort on Stiffler last week. Velvet says her flirting with Kurt didn’t work either, and that her boobs are real…they’re DAMN real. Angelina says she’ll just have to break her own record tonight and win a seventh Knockoots Title.

Willow is sitting around in the rafters thinking about who he’s going to be in the main event tonight.

Knux is backstage giving the Menagerie a pep talk before tonight’s main event battle royal.

Knockouts Title Match: Gail Kim vs Angelina Love vs Brittany vs Madison Rayne

Brittany jumps Madison on her way to the ring, and the match basically starts in the aisle and then moves into the ring. They pretty much pair off with Gail and Madison on one side, and Angelina and Brittany on the other. Angelina and Brittany get rid of Gail and double team Madison, but wind up turning on each other and Gail comes in with a flying dropkick to both girls. She nearly pins Brittany with a moonsault, and then everyone hits one big move after another on each other until Gail hits Eat DaFeet on Angelina for the win.

Winner: Gail Kim

Willow’s mask is backstage, and it’s…HANGING! Is Jeff Hardy going to be in the battle royal?

Austin Aries says it seems like every year this time of year, he has the X Division Title and that means power. He’s going to Destination X in New York City and cash it in for a shot at the World Title. The X Division is once again relevant and great, and he has all the options in his hand.

Bobby Roode is backstage and says that MVP and Kenny King are a distraction, but he has to go out there and beat 19 other guys, so they’re the last thing on his mind right now.

We go to a promo video of MVP putting over what a badass and great athlete Bobby Lashley is while Lashley works out in the gym.

It’s main event time!

20 Man #1 Contender’s Battle Royal

Sure enough, Jeff Hardy is in the house tonight as the last entrant into the battle royal, and we’re off. Battle royals are impossible to do play-by-play on, so I’ll just hit the important stuff. Crazy Steve goes out first, followed by Jessie Godderz and DJ Z. The Freak goes out right after him, and then Knux. Okay, well at least the dead weight is going quickly. And why would any of those guys deserve even a shot at a title shot? Bram dispoes of Tigre Uno, then Sanada and Magnus, who start brawling on the floor. Ken Anderson gets dumped by James Storm as Bully Ray has Ethan Carter III in trouble on the apron. Gunner goes out as well thanks to Storm, and Hardy clotheslines Bram to the floor. Bubba tosses Ethan to the apron, but Spud hangs onto him for dear life as Bubba stomps on them both. Abyss comes out and goes after Bram, beating the crud out of him all the way to the dressing room. MVP saves Kenny King from elimination, and King tosses Manik out from the apron as we go to commercial.

We come back and are informed that nobody was eliminated during the break. Bully Ray no-sells some chops from Spud and gives him the crotch claw, then press slams him to the floor. Bubba clotheslines EC3 and they both go over the top and to the floor and they’re done. We’re down to Kenny King, Jeff Hardy, Bobby Roode, Jeff Hardy, and Eric Young. Roode gives King a spinebuster, but MVP hits Roode with his crutch and King is able to toss Roode. Young quickly swoops in and tosses King, and it’s down to Eric Young and Jeff Hardy. Young hiptosses Hardy to the apron, but Hardy makes it back in, whips Young to the corner, and he Flair flips to the apron, slides back in under Hardy, and tries a charge. Hardy dodges and Young barely manages to hang on after sailing over the ropes, but Hardy comes off the top with a dropkick that sends Young to the floor to eliminate him.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Fun main event, though I don’t like how you know who is going to win nearly every battle royal before it starts these days. Jeremy Borash asks Jeff Hardy how it feels to win, and he says it feels great because he’s going to be the next World Champion. Borash says Lashley is a tough competitor, and Hardy says he’s extremely tough, but he can get extremely rougher than most, and next week, the Creatures should know…here we go again! Bobby Lashley comes down to the ring and goes nose-to-nose with Hardy, holding the belt up to his face as we call it a week.


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