TNA Impact Wrestling Report – 8/8/13

Aces & Eights corners Mike Tenay backstage before the show and tell him that he’s got the night off so that Taz can do commentary. Tenay hesitates, but ends up leaving so we can go to What Happened Last Week, as Tito Ortiz made his surprise debut at the end of last week’s episode!



Speaking of Aces & Eights, Bully Ray comes out to the ring with Taz and Ken Anderson, who join Jeremy Borash at the broadcast booth. Well, by join, it’s more like Taz telling Borash that he’s in his chair, and that this isn’t Borash’s desk, or Tenay’s desk, it’s his desk. Bully says he’s not in a good mood, and tells Tito Ortiz (or Blondie, as he calls him) to stay out of his business or catch the back of Bubba’s hand. Bubba says he’s also in a bad mood because he found out that he and Devon are in a tag match tonight against Chris Sabin and a mystery partner, and it’s bad news for Bubba because he’ll see Sabin next week in a cage at Hardcore Justice, and then he tells Sabin to come out with his belt and the contract for next week’s match. Sabin comes out and Bubba says he looks scared, but Sabin says that Bubba deceived everyone in TNA for months and is so full of crap that his eyes are brown and his breath smells like feces. He knows nobody thought he could beat Bubba except for himself, and he did beat him, and he didn’t bring the hammer into the ring, his thugs did and he gave Bubba a taste of his own medicine, and at Hardcore Justice, he’s going to beat him again. Bubba tells Sabin to stop talking and then tells Hogan to get out here with the contract, but instead of Hulk, it’s Brooke Hogan who comes out. Bubba says to turn the music off and asks what Brooke wants, and Brooke says her dad is out of town going over the contract for the match, as well as Bubba’s contract, and Hulk sent Brooke something that reads as follows: due to Bubba’s behaviour and threat of legal action, Hogan will now follow all contracts involving Bubba to the letter of the law, and if he loses, he’ll never get a title shot again. Bubba says that he’s not going to get bullied by any of them, and he’s sure not going to be bullied by a Hogan. Brooke walks into the ring and asks if he really wants the world to find out what she found out in their marriage, which is that he’s all talk and very little action. Bubba angrily signs the contract, Sabin signs as well, and Brooke proudly waves the contract in the air as she heads to the back. Brooke is SO turning heel next week.

Jeff Hardy and Samoa Joe are backstage, and they’re…PACING! They’ll face off next!

We look back again at last week when Tito Ortiz showed up, and he’ll speak to us later tonight!

We take a look at the Bound For Glory Series scoreboard, as Magnus is still in first place, followed by Samoa Joe in second and AJ Styles in third. Let’s see if Joe can move a little close to overtaking his tag team partner…

Bound For Glory Series: Jeff Hardy vs Samoa Joe

Jeff Hardy qualified for the final four in last year’s tournament at the very last minute, beating Samoa Joe to move into fourth place in the last “regular season” match, then defeated Joe again in the semifinals before going on to beat Bully Ray in the finals. Hardy again dominates Joe, driving him out of the ring and wiping him out with a dive off the apron. Hardy sends Joe back inside, but Joe catches him with a series of hard chops and a charging elbow and leaping enziguiri in the corner. Hardy rolls out to the floor, but he should know what Joe does in situations like this. Indeed, Hardy makes it to his feet and catches a diving forearm through the ropes from Joe as we go to commercial.

We’re back, and Joe hits an inverted atomic drop and a running boot for 2, then takes Hardy over into a rear crossface to try and wear him down. Joe continues methodically working Hardy over, counters a flying headscissors attempt to a powerbomb for 2, then gets Hardy in an STF. Hardy won’t tap, so Joe changes it up to the Rings of Saturn, then rolls him backward into a guillotine for 2. Hardy gets the boots up in Joe’s face on a charge and connects with a series of clotheslines and elbows, an inverted atomic drop, the double legdrop to the ding-ding, and a basement dropkick for 2. Hardy hits the Whisper In The Wind for 2, but Joe counters the Twist of Fate to the Kokina Clutch. He releases it when Ken Anderson gets up from the broadcast table and makes like he’s going to run into the ring, and that gives Hardy enough of an opening to pick out Joe’s legs and cradle him for the win.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Joe still has yet to beat Hardy, and he shoots angry faces at Anderson for his part in this latest, heartb reaking defeat.

Christopher Daniels is backstage saying he doesn’t know why Frankie’s being so selfish, because no matter how close any team is, there’s always a leader and a follower. He’s more experienced than Kazarian, he’s always been the leader, and he’s 3-0 in the series while Kazarian is 0-3, and he’s going to show tonight why he’s the leader, and THAT’s where their relationship is right now.

Ken Anderson mercifully leaves the broadcast table to head into the ring for our next match…

Bound For Glory Series: Ken Anderson vs Brutus Magnus

This is a straight up brawl like an episode of Itchy & Scratchy: they fight…and fight…and fight and fight and fight. They go out to the floor and fightfightfight…fightfightfight…The Magnus & Anderson Show! Anderson gets the advantage and traps Magnus on the mat with a top wristlock, then a flying armbar (which somehow doesn’t make Magnus’ arm fly) gets 2 for Anderson. They go back to punching each other, Magnus gets the advantage and hits the Snowplow, but is too injured to cover. He goes up top, Anderson tries to stop Magnus, Magnus knocks Anderson to the mat and goes for the flying elbow, but Anderson moves out of the way and Magnus hits hard. Anderson gets ready to go after Magnus, but Bobby Roode comes into the ring, casually hits Anderson with a chair, then pats Magnus on the back and walks off as the referee disqualifies Magnus for outside interference.

Winner by DQ: Ken Anderson

See, Roode wanted to get Magnus disqualified so that he’d lose the ten points and bring down that big lead he’s got. Great, we’ve finally gotten to the point where we’re starting to play with stupid finishes that play off of rule technicalities.

Bobby Roode is backstage saying that what he just did out there was genius, and he just changed the landscape and cost Magnus ten points because he’s selfish, and all he cares about is winning back the TNA World Title and he’s going to do that at Bound For Glory.

Referee Brian Hebner is backstage talking about the decision he just made in the Magnus-Anderson match, and Magnus comes in and says he’s not mad at Hebner because he did what he had to do. Magnus says things have a way of working themselves out, and he’ll get that ten points back.

Robbie E and Jessie Godderz are backstage talking about dumping Tara to concentrate on their bromance, and Mickie comes in and tells them how lucky they are to share in her spotlight tonight.

We look back at Tito Ortiz appearing last week…again…and he shows up at the building looking like Konnan, and he’ll speak…SOMETIME LATER TONIGHT!

Chris Sabin is backstage telling Sting and Kurt Angle how great they are and how he could have never won the World Title without them. Way to make your World Champion look strong, guys! Sting says they’re taking out a member of Aces & Eights next week, and Sabin wants to talk about his tag match later tonight, then we cut away. Hmmmm, intrigue.

Jeremy Borash is in the ring and Tito Ortiz comes out to say he doesn’t have a lot of answers for Borash, but he can say one thing. Kurt Angle comes out before he can say it, wearing some really doofy looking American flag sunglasses, and he gets right in Tito’s face to say that he knows who he is and can respect his accomplishments. The thing Ortiz needs to understand is that this is his world and his ring, and he’s earned the right to be called the greatest wrestler alive, he was an Olympic gold medalist and has won more titles than Tito can shake a stick at. He’ll respect Tito’s space while he’s here, but Tito better damn respect his. Bully Ray comes out and says he doesn’t respect either one of them because he could probably come in and tap Tito out, and he’s been beating Angle up for years. Bubba introduces himself to Tito: the leader and President of Aces & Eights, the next TNA World Champion, and the guy who will slap Tito in the face if he gets in his way. Bubba says he’s done with the both of them and walks off, then Angle shakes Tito’s hand and walks off.

Mickie James & Bro Mans vs ODB, James Storm & Gunner

Robbie jumps Storm from behind, and Storm casually beats the hell out of him before Mickie distracts him so Jessie can nail Storm from behind. Storm is in peril, but that only lasts a couple of minutes before he tags in Gunner, who cleans house on both Bro Mans. Jessie nails Gunner and goes for a powerbomb, but Storm knocks him into next week with the Last Call and then the champs finish Robbie with their double team DDT.

Winners: ODB, James Storm & Gunner

Gail Kim runs in and attacks ODB and has to be pulled off by Storm and Gunner as ODB gives her an angry stare.

Kazarian is backstage saying that tonight’s not about Bad Influence, and Chris seems to have forgotten that he’s beaten him more than once over the last 11 years. He’s going to go out there tonight to do it for his friends, family, and himself and he’s taking this whole thing.

Bound For Glory Series: Christopher Daniels vs Frankie Kazarian

These two hold nothing back as they go right at it from the bell, tying up jockeying for position until Daniels takes Kazarian down with an armdrag and rubs his baldie head. Kazarian reverses to a side headlock and starts grinding his wrist tape into Daniels’ forehead. Daniels escapes, but Kazarian takes him back down with the headlock. Daniels tries rolling Kazarian to his shoulders for a couple of two counts, but can’t get a fall, so he reverses an Irish whip to a backslide for 2, Kazarian with a cradle of his own for 2, then counter each other until Kazarian takes Daniels down with a shoulderblock. They shove each other around and Kazarian shoves Daniels on his butt and tells him to come on. Daniels and Kazarian stare each other down, then both men step out to the ring apron and smile as the referee counts them both out.


Daniels and Kazarian high five and pose for the fans, but Bobby Roode comes down the ramp with a chair as Daniels and Kazarian eye him warily. He stops and looks at them, then drops the chair and goes into the ring with Daniels and Kazarian in tow. He says that everyone’s been talking about Aces & Eights and the Main Event Mafia, the arrival of Rampage Jackson and Tito Ortiz, but while everyone’s been paying attention to that, they forgot about the three men standing in the ring. Three men who, by the way, comprise a quarter of the BFG Series roster, and they comprise a new force of which one of them will win the BFG Series. Roode said the landscape was going to change, they own the BFG Series going forward, and Roode tells us to take a look at them because one of them will be the next World Champion.

In case you haven’t seen enough recap packages with Tito Ortiz tonight, we get one more in as we look at his segment with Angle and Bubba from earlier tonight. We then go backstage where Ortiz says he doesn’t have answers for us tonight, but next week in Norfolk, his fists may do the talking for him.


Team 3D vs Chris Sabin & Kurt Angle

Sting’s music hits like he’s going to be Sabin’s partner, but it’s just a fakeout because Kurt Angle comes in to be Sabin’s partner instead, and they kick the snot out of Team 3D and leave them both laying on the mat. Angle with an overhead release suplex on Devon for 2, then Bubba tags in and Angle takes him down and works him on the mat as well. Sabin tags in and starts working Bubba’s arm over, with Angle taking a cheapshot from the apron while he’s at it. Angle comes in and whips Bubba into the corner hard and takes a cheapshot at Devon while he’s at it, but Bubba takes him down with a single leg and hammers the knee, then tags Devon in to dish out some punishment of his own to Angle. Sabin tags back in and is quickly thumbed in the eye by Devon, and then Bubba tags in and plants his boot square in Sabin’s chest, nails Angle to draw him in and distract the referee, and 3D hits the Whazzup as we go to commercial.

We’re back, and Sabin is still taking a beating from Bubba and Devon, with Bubba yelling at Sabin that he asked for this. Sabin tries to get away, but Bubba catches him by the foot and rams his knee into the mat, then he and Devon start attacking the legs of Sabin which, as the announcers point out, would make it more difficult for Sabin to retain next week at Hardcore Justice. Devon comes off the second rope and lands face first on Sabin’s boot, and Sabin drags himself to the corner and tags in Angle, who cleans house on both Bubba and Devon. It’s suplexes for everybody as Angle goes nuts, then hits Bubba with the Hacker Slam for 2. He goes at it with Devon, but gets caught with a uranage from Bubba for 2. Angle blocks the Bubba Bomb and gets an anklelock, ducks a shot from Devon and gives him a German suplex, and that gives Bubba a chance to get to his feet and boot Angle’s head off. Sabin tags himself in and nails Bubba with a missile dropkick, goes back and forth from corner to corner nailing both opponents, ducks a shot from Bubba and causes him to accidentally nail Devon, and now all four men are going at it in the ring. Sabin charges Bubba and gets hiptossed over the top rope and onto the ramp, hitting his knee as he comes down. Bubba and Devon hit 3D on Angle, but instead of going for the cover, Bubba tells Devon to GET THE TABLES, and they set it up in the corner. Bubba charges Sabin, but Sabin moves and Bubba goes through the table. Sabin backdrops Devon to the floor, comes off the top rope with a bodypress on Bubba, and gets the win.

Winners: Chris Sabin & Kurt Angle

Really good main event, and Bubba is out cold as Sabin and Angle celebrate as we call it a night.

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