TNA Impact Wrestling Report – November 15th, 2012

After a video package looking back at the events of this past weekend’s Turning Point PPV, we head to the Impact Zone where James Storm kicks the show off. He says he’s had a long, hard road over the last year, but he did it. He wants to thanks the fans for being there for him, his family for standing behind him no matter what, and also the people who said he couldn’t do it, who didn’t think he had what it took, because that was the fuel that kept him going. Now he’s the #1 contender for the World Title, but before he can continue his speech, Bobby Roode comes out to the ring to have a work with his former partner. Roode says he’s not here to spoil his party, he’s here to join it and share a couple of beers. He wants to congratulate Storm for beating AJ Styles…not Bobby Roode. Once again, he’s achieved success because of Roode’s hard work, and his fans are going to have to watch him fail again to become the World Champion. His family, especially his daughter Michaela, are going to have to watch him take his ball and go home when he fails yet again. Storm asks Roode if he’s done, then decides not to wait for an answer and attacks Roode. Roode heads for the hills, and Storm tells him to get back to the ring and fight. Roode says he won’t do it because there’s nothing in it for him…unless he puts his World Title shot on the line. Storm tells Roode to screw himself because he worked too hard to get this spot, but Roode says to have Storm’s daughter call him when she turns 18 and he can screw her. That’s all it takes, as Storm says he’ll do it and they’re going to fight tonight.



Hulk Hogan is backstage saying he feels bad for AJ Styles because what happened at Turning Point is going to weigh very heavy on him, but AJ’s been treading water and is in the same spot he’s been in for years because he’s his own worst enemy.

We look back at last week when Doc nearly beat Sting to death, and then we go to the Aces & Eights clubhouse where the Vice President asks Doc if he thought he did enough to make good after having his identity exposed. Doc seems to think he did, but the VP makes him hand over his jacket anyway. Devon tells the VP they have business to take care of tonight, and tosses another dart at the wall covered with pictures of the TNA roster. We don’t see who they hit, but I have a feeling we’ll find out later.

X Division Champion Rob Van Dam vs Kid Kash

Kash attacks RVD before the bell, but RVD gets a leg scissor rollup for 2. Kash and RVD go back and forth until Kash gets a flying headscissors that drags RVD over the top rope and to the floor. Kash slingshots over the top rope and gets another flying headscissors out on the floor, then quickly rolls him back inside and goes for a cover. RVD gets out at 2, and after a messy sequence where either Kash clotheslined RVD off the second rope or RVD speared Kash coming off the second rope, RVD catches Kash with a springboard thrust kick and Rolling Thunder for 2. Kash counters the stepover leg lariat with a sleeper, but RVD shoves him into the corner and connects with the leg lariat anyway. RVD blows a monkey flip so badly he almost drops Kash on top of himself, but he shifts Kash to the side at the last second and then hits the Five Star Frogsplash for the win.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

Eric Young and ODB are backstage talking about what an awesome power couple they are, and how they’re planning on celebrating again after tonight.

Kurt Angle is backstage telling Garett Bischoff and Wes Brisco about how he needs a partner to take on Aces & Eights tonight. Garett wants to do it because Devon left him high and dry too, but Wes Brisco says he wants to do it because Angle’s been training him since high school. Angle says he’s going to go with Garett, but that he’s got a plan for Wes.

Jesse Godderz vs Eric Young

Jesse suckerpunches EY before the match and gives him a front powerslam for 2. Jesse with a couple of elbowsmashes to the shoulder of EY, followed by another powerslam. Jesse stops to flex before dropping a leg on EY and covering for 2. Jesse chokes EY on the middle rope and then drills him with a standing dropkick before going over to give Tara a kiss. EY nails Jesse and goes to the ropes, but Jesse catches him coming back in an abdominal stretch. Jesse smashes more elbows into EY’s ribs while he has him in the hold, but EY escapes the hold, Hulks up, and takes his pants off. EY with a flying forearm and he fires up the crowd, Tara tries to sneak in but ODB comes in and takes her out while EY powerslams Jesse. EY goes out to the apron to check on his wife, but Jesse runs in and knocks him into the guardrail. Tara rolls EY back in so Jesse can hit a leaping Stunner for the win.

Winner: Jesse Godderz

You can tell that Jesse is still very green, but I do see some potential in the guy.

We look back at Turning Point as Joseph Park and Doc did battle and Bully Ray . We then go to Hulk Hogan’s office where Joseph Park is asking for another match with Aces & Eights. Hogan says he can’t do it because this isn’t Park’s callling, and that he can’t give him another match because he hasn’t had any training, but Park takes that as meaning he should get trained so he can fight Aces & Eights again. Park thanks Hulk and leaves, and Hogan shakes his head and says he won’t be back.

Magnus comes out to the ring for what’s supposed to be another shot at the TV Title, but Aces & Eights comes out of the crowd to jump him. Devon takes Magnus’ knee out with a baseball bat, then the rest of the crew holds Magnus so Doc can take out both knees with the hammer. Doc stalks Magnus to take another shot, but Devon tells him to stay back so he can take a shot. Devon winds back with his bat and prepares to take Magnus’ head off, but Bully Ray runs out and chases Aces & Eights off to the locker room while Al Snow, D-Lo Brown, and Pat Kenney check on Magnus and his busted legs.

We come back from commercial as Brutus Magnus is being carried out on a stretcher, then we go to a video package looking back at the Aries-Hardy ladder match from Turning Point. We go out to the parking lot where the Mystery Cameraman asks Austin Aries how he feels after this weekend. Aries shows off the scars on his back and asks the moron how he thinks he’s feeling, then says he’s going to get a massage. Aries goes into the massage trailer (I guess that’s what they call it), but Hardy’s already there getting a massage. Aries says he’s got respect for Hardy because he got the win, but it was in Hardy’s kind of match and it was because Aries brought it out of him. Aries says Hardy’s wrong if he thinks it’s over between them, and then he walks off as we GO INSIDE JEFF HARDY’S HEAD!!!! Hardy says something about Austin Aries traveling between dimensions as I try to keep a straight face, and then we go back to the ring for a serious segment.

Kurt Angle and Garett Bischoff comeo ut to the ring, and Angle says that he doesn’t need a dart to figure out who he wants to fight, and if Aces & Eights want to do to him what they did to Sting, they should come out to face him and his tag team partner because nobody threatens Kurt Angle.

Kurt Angle & Garett Bischoff vs Devon & Other Big Dude

Well, that’s what I’ll call him since he doesn’t have a name yet. Angle tears right into Devon and suplexes him across the ring, but Devon goes to the eyes and tags in the big dude. Angle beats him down and then tags in Garett, who apparently doesn’t realize what kind of match he’s in because he goes to an armbar. Garett ducks a wild swing and hits a flying shoulderblock and a dropkick, but the big dude doesn’t go down, and Angle comes back in to go at it with the big guy. Aces & Eights gets control after Devon gets a cheapshot from the ring apron, and they tag in and out on Angle for the next several minutes. Angle finally gets an opening and hits both men with German suplexes and clotheslines Devon to the floor. Angle with a second rope dropkick to the big guy and then he turns his attention to other members of Aces & Eights who get up on the ring apron. The big dude gets Angle in a full nelson and Doc comes in to try and hit Angle with his hammer, but Wes Brisco runs out and chases them off with a lead pipe. Angle kicks the big dude low and rolls him up for the win.

Winners: Kurt Angle & Garett Bischoff

Tara and Jesse Godderz come into Brooke Hogan’s office and catch her sitting on the couch with Bully Ray, who has his arm around her. Bubba gets up and walks out without a word, then Tara asks what the deal is with this battle royal tonight and why she wasn’t told. Brooke tells her to deal with it and to knock next time before barging into her office. Tara says maybe she should try locking the door.

Dixie Carter is backstage saying she knows what AJ Styles went through because she’s been through it with him, but she’s never seen him in this state of mind now that he can’t go for the title for a full year, and she and Hogan don’t know what to do.

Knockouts Battle Royal: Gail Kim vs Madison Rayne vs Mickie James vs Brooke Tessmacher vs ODB

I hate trying to do play-by-play for battle royals. Brooke chokes Gail with her boot in the corner, Madison does the same thing to Mickie across the ring, Taz calls himself an American Male, Madison tries to dump Mickie, Gail tosses Brooke out to the ring apron, ODB gets double teamed by Gail and Madison, Mickie and ODB decide to work as a team, Brooke gets eliminated, ODB smashes Madison’s face into her crotch, then ODB does the same thing to Gail, Mickie tries to dump Madison, Madison hangs on but gets booze spewed in her face by ODB and she falls off the apron and she’s out, Gail tosses ODB and starts beating Mickie up, Mickie headscissors Gail out to the apron and superkicks her to the floor, and Mickie wins.

Winner: Mickie James

Mickie is victorious in her return to TNA, and will now challenge Tara for the Knockouts Title.

The Mystery Cameraman asks James Storm if he knows what he got himself into, and Storm says he did and he’s tired of Bobby Roode butting in on his business. AJ Styles suddenly walks in and gets right in Storm’s face, giving him a really dirty look but not saying anything. Storm asks Styles if he can help him, but AJ just walks off without a word.

We go back to the Aces & Eights clubhouse as the Vice President kicks Doc out of the group and tells him not to let the door hit him in the ass on the way out, but it turns out to be a big joke because Doc’s Aces & Eights.

AJ Styles comes out to the ring to share his thoughts for the first time since Turning Point. AJ brings everyone up to speed on what happened at the PPV, but he doesn’t expect much after the last year when he was accused of banging Dixie Carter, he was accused of knocking up a crackhead, and people actually doubted him. He was mere points away from getting the title shot at Bound For Glory, but none of that happened. People are getting ready to enjoy the holidays and give thanks, but he doesn’t have a single thing this year to feel thankful for. Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian decide to crash the party, and Kazarian tells AJ that he’s nothin’ but a hound dog, cryin’ all the time. Daniels tells AJ that he’s completely right: this has been the worst year of his career and he doesn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel. If AJ wants to see the cause of his problems, he should just look in the mirror because all the stuff that’s come crashing down around him is because he’s a flawed, broken little man. He tells AJ to go ahead and sing his sad song to all the hobos and vagrants in the crowd, but he wants to remind AJ of something he’s been telling him for the better part of a year: AJ is nothing but a complete and utter failure. AJ says the records show AJ beating Christopher Daniels a lot more than Daniels ever beat him, so maybe Daniels needs a reminder, so as much as he hates to say it, they should do it one last time and figure out who the better man is. Kazarian says Daniels has nothing to gain by wrestling him again because AJ is stale. He doesn’t even know who AJ Styles is anymore, but Daniels and Kazarian are riding high and are still the real World Tag Team Champions Of The World. Daniels says he hates to disagree with Kazarian, but he thinks this is the perfect time to do Styles vs Daniels one last time, and find out who the real failure is. AJ says “let’s do it” and they go face to face.

Bobby Roode and James Storm are backstage, and they’re…WALKING!

Austin Aries says he loved studying psychology in college because it helped him learn how to push people’s buttons, and next week on Open Fight Night, he’s going to call out someone who will help him get to the truth.

Since next week is Open Fight Night, that means the return of Gut Check! Kurt Angle comes charging into the TNA agents’ office and suggests letting Wes Brisco compete in the Gut Check this month, and the judges seem divided on that. Guess we’ll find out their decision next week.

It’s main event time!

#1 Contender Match: James Storm vs Bobby Roode

Storm attacks Roode during introductions and goes to town dishing out a beating on his former partner. Storm with a big backdrop and a series of clotheslines, but a kitchen sink sends Storm out to the floor. Roode pulls off the top turnbuckle pad while the referee is busy laying the count on Storm. Storm comes in and Roode takes Storm out with a flying armbar and then drags Storm to the corner to slam his arm into the ringpost as we go to commercial.

We’re back, and Roode is dropping knees to the skull of Storm and covers him for 2. Roode goes to a top wristlock and Storm escapes, but gets rammed shoulder first into the corner and Roode rolls him up for another 2 before going back to the top wristlock. Roode headbutts Storm’s arm while he has him in the hold and yells at Storm to give up. Storm escapes and they trade right hands in the middle of the ring until Storm connects with a boot to the face and a Russian legsweep. Roode tries an armbar, but Storm rolls out and hits a series of forearms and clotheslines, followed by a neckbreaker. Storm goes to the top rope, Roode nails him and tries a superplex, but Storm sunset flip bombs Roode out of the corner and covers for 2. Storm tries the Eye of the Storm, but his arm is too badly hurt and Roode is able to slip out and hit a spinebuster. Roode goes to a Crippler Crossface, but Storm makes the ropes. Storm hits a lungblower and the Codebreaker, then sets Roode up for the Last Call. Roode tries to pull the referee in front, Storm stops short and shoves the ref out of the way, and Roode grabs Storm and rams him into the exposed turnbuckle and covers Storm for the win.

Winner: Bobby Roode

Roode is ecstatic, and Storm looks pissed off, dejected, and frustrated all at the same time.


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