TNA Impact Wrestling Results – August 4th

We start with a look back at last week as Sting’s shocking display of dishonesty, as well as Bully Ray hanging Ken Anderson out to dry, led to Kurt Angle retaining the World Title against Anderson in a cage. Then we go to the ring where Bully Ray and the rest of Immortal are in the ring. Bully Ray puts over Scott Steiner, Gunner, Abyss, and Jeff Jarrett, then gets to Anderson and calls him an asshole. Ray says this town ain’t big enough for both Immortal and Fortune, but Anderson interrupts, calls Bully Ray an asshole, and says this town isn’t big enough for he and Ray. Anderson reminds Ray that it was his idea to get in the ring with Kurt Angle, then screwed him once the match happened. Anderson says Ray hopes it was worth it, because one of these days, he’s going to get him back. Ray reminds Anderson that he lost the World Title after only one week, while he himself is a 23 time tag champion and he’s the guy in charge of the group when Hogan and Bischoff aren’t around. Ray’s going to be the World Champion, and Anderson is a piece of dog crap on his shoes. Anderson says they’re both not booked, and quotes Meatloaf in asking Ray if he wants to settle this. Anderson and Ray go at each other and the rest of Immortal pulls them apart.



Fortune comes out and says it sounded like Immortal was calling them out, and they will accept that invitation. Fortune rushes the ring and clears Immortal out, though James Storm appears to have hurt his back during the skirmish.

Tonight, we’re in for three Bound For Glory Series matches and the official contract signing for the Angle-Sting match at Hardcore Justice.

Miss Tessmacher is backstage, and she’s…STRETCHING!

Mickie James comes out to join Mike and Taz for commentary on our next match…

Madison Rayne vs Miss Tessmacher

Madison has Tessmacher’s partner Tara ejected from ringside, but turns her back and Tessmacher blindsides her with a series of forearms, then sits her in the corner and rubs her ass in Madison’s face. Now Tessmacher commits a cardinal mistake and turns her back, and pays for it when Madison forearms her in the back of the head and gouges at her face. Madison with an old school Moolah toss across the ring by the hair, then does it again just to be a jerk. Maidson skullhumps Tessmacher’s head into the mat, but turns her back to mouth off to Mickie and Tessmacher gets a small package for the win.

Winner: Miss Tessmacher

Madison attacks Tessmacher after the match and Mickie gets up to try and intervene, but Angelina Love runs out of the back and attacks Mickie. Mickie fights back, but now Winter comes out of nowhere and lays Mickie out, then Angelina holds Mickie so Winter can lay her out with the title belt.

We catch up on the Bound For Glory Series matches over the last week, and Crimson still remains in first place with 40 points. Now we head to the ring for the first Series match of the night…

Bound For Glory Series: Devon vs AJ Styles

Feeling out process to start, Devon pulls out a leapfrog and a hiptoss, but AJ catches Devon with a standing dropkick to the face for 2 as the Pope comes out to join Devon’s family at ringside. Devon charges AJ, but AJ gets the boot up and tries a charge of his own, only to run into a flying back elbow from Devon for 2. Devon sees Pope out in the crowd with his family and is not happy, and the distraction allows AJ to roll Devon into a cross armbreaker, but Devon makes it to the ropes and then rolls out to the floor. AJ with a sunset flip for 2, then tries pulling Devon up into the Styles Clash and gets kicked in the face. Devon goes for the Curtain Call, but AJ slips out the back and hits a Pelle Kick and covers for 2 as Christopher Daniels comes out to take a seat at ringside. AJ now is distracted by Daniels and goes out to the apron to talk to Daniels, then tries a springboard move back into the ring, but Devon ducks and rolls AJ up for 3.

Winner: Devon

Pope gives Devon’s wife a big hug and they applaud as Devon comes out to get in Pope’s face and AJ comes out to ringside and ends up arguing with Daniels all the way to the back.

We go to a video package looking at the history of the Sting-Kurt Angle feud, then we go to Pope, who says he’s going out there tonight to get more points and is worried about what’s going to happen between he and Devon at Hardcore Justice.

Matt Morgan, torn shoulder and all, joins Mike Tenay and Taz for our next match…

Bound For Glory Series: The Pope vs Samoa Joe

They circle one another for a moment and then Pope ducks a couple of wild swings and pops Joe with an uppercut. Pope continues to outmaneuver Joe and gets a pair of armdrags, a dropkick for 2, and then another armdrag into an armbar. Joe just powers Pope into the corner, but Pope dodges a charge and goes out to the floor. Joe chases after him around ringside and back into the ring where Pope gets an inverted atomic drop and a flying shouderblock. Pope wit ha series of high elbows and a straight double axhandle to the face. Devon comes out to ringside as Pope gets an O’Connor Roll, and Joe slides out and traps Pope in a choke until Pope taps out.

Winner: Samoa Joe

Wait a minute, Joe won’t release the hold and his eyes are rolling back in his head, so the referee reverses the decision.

Winner via DQ (reverse): Devon

Joe is PISSED, and chases the referee to the back as Devon argues with his sons at ringside.

Joe is backstage yelling about how he’s being screwed over by the company, and he knows they’re trying to kill him, and he’s not going to go silently. Going forward he (I guess some mysterious TNA official) is going to be held responsible for what happens out there.

Back in the Fortune locker room, James Storm’s back is still hurting and Bobby Roode offers to take his match tonight against Hernandez since they have to defend the World Tag Team Title against Mexican America at Hardcore Justice. Storm says okay, if he wants to.

Bully Ray is backstage arguing on the phone with Hulk Hogan, and reluctantly agrees to go apologize to Ken Anderson tonight.

Back to the ring, and Bobby Roode tells the referee that Storm can’t go in the next match and he will be taking Storm’s place.

Roode fires off some right hands and Hernandez casually tosses Roode into the corner, but Roode flattens Hernandez with a running clothesline, and a second one sends Hernandez out to the floor. Roode slingshots himself over the top rope and comes down on top of Hernandez, then takes a chair and spears it into the gut of Hernandez, then turns it flat and slams it over his back. Roode tosses a variety of items into the ring, smashes a trash can lid over Hernendez’s head, but Hernandez reverses a whip and sends Roode slamming into the ringpost. Hernandez covers Roode for 2 on the floor, then rolls him back inside and hits a slingshot shoulderblock into the ring. Hernandez takes his belt off and whips Roode in the back with it, then wraps the belt around Roode’s throat and chokes him with it. Roode fires back at Hernandez, but Hernandez flattens him again with a big running bodyblock and then tosses the trash can lid at Roode’s face and covers for 2. Roode rolls out to the floor, but Hernandez goes after him and rams his back into the apron, then whips Roode into the ringpost. Back into the ring, where Roode gets the trash can lid and loudly bashes Hernandez over the head with it repeatedly, but tries a charge into the corner and Hernandez gets his boot up. Hernandez skins the cat up to the top rope, but Roode pops up and bashes him in the head with a trash can and then superplexes him into the ring. Roode gets a kendo stick and starts killing Hernandez with it, then comes off the second rope with a Blockbuster for 2. Roode comes off the ropes, but Hernandez nearly tackles Roode clear out of the building with a shoulderblock and then sets up for the Border Toss. Roode slips out and hits a spinebuster, then gets Hernandez in a Fujiwara armbar. Hernandez taps, but the referee is distracted byt Anarquia attacking Storm on the floor. Sarita comes in from behind and hits Roode with a kendo stick, and Hernandez rolls Roode up with his feet on the ropes for the win.

Winner: Hernandez

Bully Ray comes into Ken Anderson’s dressing room backstage and says he respects the business and the guys who came before him, and Hogan came before the both of them and neither would be here if it weren’t for Hogan. He’s going to apologize to Anderson for the way he treated him and anything he’s done that has offended him. Ray extends his hand to Anderson, and Anderson is dubious, so Ray says he doesn’t apologize to many people, and he again apologizes. Anderson finally shakes Ray’s hand, and Ray pulls Anderson into a knee to the groin and asks him who the asshole is now. What a great heel!

We go back to the production truck as Kurt Angle prepares to provide commentary on the Empty Arena Match he and Sting had back in 2009, and then we’re back to the ring…

Austin Aries vs Alex Shelley

Aries attacks Shelley from behind, then drapes his neck across the bottom rope and hits a slingshot double axhandle to the floor. Aries tries to slingshot into a senton back in, but Shelley gets the knees up and peppers Aries with fists and a leaping enziguiri, then covers for a series of 2 counts. Aries tries to sucker Shelley with a kick, but Shelley catches the boot, ducks an enziguiri, and gets la magistral cradle for 2. Shelley opens up with a series of chops and hits a Flatliner into the second turnbuckle for 2. Shelley with a leg whip and twists Aries into a seated inverted figure four, but Aries just manages to make the ropes. Aries dumps Shelley to the ring apron and hits a neckbreaker through the ropes, then comes off the ropes with a Macho Man double axhandle to the floor. Aries rolls Shelley back in for a series of 2 counts, then sits Shelley up top and tries for a superplex, but Shelley gourdbusters Aries into the ring and comes off the top with a missile dropkick that sends Aries crashing out to the floor. Shelley hits a dive through the ropes, then sends Aries back into the ring and tries a top rope double stomp, but Aries moves and hits him with a back elbow. Aries tries Sliced Bread #2, Shelley counters to a rollup for 2, then Aries dumps Shelley to the floor and mocks Shelley by putting on Shelley’s jacket. The referee takes the jacket away from Aries and falls on his butt, Shelley tries for Sliced Bread #2 but Aries dumps him into a seated position on the second rope and kicks him in the nuts, then hits a brainbuster for the win.

Winner: Austin Aries

Aries puts the boots to Shelley while yelling at him that he just beat him with a wrestling maneuver, but Brian Kendrick runs out and chases Aries off. Aries says he’ll see Kendrick at the PPV and walks off.

Eric Young tries out for movie and talk show roles, then we go to Jeremy Borash with Kurt Angle as they discuss the Empty Arena Match they had back when Angle was the head of the Main Event Mafia and Sting wanted to take his place. They didn’t show the whole thing, but we got a good sampling of them ramming one another into guardrails and rows of chairs, as well as one spot where Sting dumped Angle over a railing from the stands and to the floor from a pretty good height.

We see Sting arriving at the Impact Zone just in time for three quarters of the show to be over, then we’re back to the ring…

Bound For Glory Series: Gunner & Scott Steiner vs Crimson & Rob Van Dam

Only the winner of the fall in this match will get the points. RVD and Steiner start us off and Steiner powers RVD into the corner, but stops to pose and RVD rolls him up with a bodyscissors cradle for 2. Steiner kills him with a clothesline, then unloads with some heavy strikes in the corner. RVD comes back with a spinkick to the jaw and stops to do the Rob Van Dam pointing to the back thing, and Steiner comes from behind and hits a full nelson slam for 2. Gunner tags in and goes at it with RVD, who gets a legsweep and a standing moonsault for 2. Gunner rams RVD to the corner and hits some forearms, but RVD with a high kick to the face of Gunner and then tags in Crimson. Crimson with a slam and a T-bone suplex for 2, Steiner tries a cheapshot from the outside and Crimson nails him, but Gunner runs him over with a back elbow for 2. Gunner continuing to work Crimson over and then tags in Steiner, who opens up with another series of hard chops and then the rotating belly to belly suplex for 2. Steiner with a clothesline and then the elbowdrop and pushups, then Gunner tags in and hits a back suplex for 2. Gunner comes off the second rope for a double axhandle and Crimson seems to blow the counter, but picks Gunner up and turns it into a spinning Flatliner and makes the hot tag to RVD, who comes in and unloads on Steiner with a leg lariat, but then Steiner catches RVD and hits an overhead release suplex. RVD with a springboard thrust kick and Rolling Thunder for 2, and then Gunner and Crimson are in the ring and going at it as RVD and Steiner go out to the floor. Gunner knocks RVD off the apron, but Crimson hits a spear out of nowhere on Gunner and RVD comes off the top with the Dive Star, and then Steiner comes in and hits a Flatliner on RVD and wipes Crimson out with a clothesline efore covering RVD for 2. Steiner puts RVD up top, but Crimson comes from behind and hits an Electric Chair and then RVD hits the Five Star Frog Splash for the win.

Winners: Crimson & Rob Van Dam (RVD scores the pin for 7 points)

With that win, RVD now rockets up to second place with 35 points, right behind Crimson. They do a postmatch promo with Christy Hemme, who points out that they’ll be facing each other in just three days at Hardcore Justice. Crimson says RVD got the win tonight, but this weekend, he’ll be the one walking out with the points.

Mike Tenay and Taz run us down the card for this weekend’s Hardcore Justice PPV, then we’re off to the ring for the contract signing for the Sting-Kurt Angle contract signing. At Jeremy Borash’s direction, Angle signs the contract first, then Sting. Borash asks Angle for his final comments before this weekend, and he says that there are very few men in the business whom Angle respects, and Sting is one of them. He’s never politicked or screwed anyone, and if he ends up half the man Sting is, he knows he did a good job. But at Hardcore Justice, he’s coming after Sting and it’s strictly business, nothing personal, and after the match, it will end in a handshake and then man who is going to walk away with the World Title is Kurt Angle. Sting takes the microphone and says he suddenly doesn’t feel like laughing too much. He thanks Angle for the words because after 25 years in the business, he feels like he accomplished someone and had an effect on someone as great as Angle. He’s just as big a fan as Angle, and it doesn’t matter who he’s talking to, he says the best wrestler he’s ever faced has been Kurt Angle. There isn’t anything Kurt can’t do, and no matter what aspect of wrestling it is, Angle’s the best, and to top it all off, he’s done what no professional wrestler has and won an Olympic gold medal. The thing is that the title is his life blood and his way to right everything that’s wrong, and he made a vow to Dixie Carter, the wrestlers in the back, and the fans that before he hangs it up, he’ll return the company to Dixie Carter, and he can’t lose to Angle at Hardcore Justice. Angle won’t have to kill him to win the title, but he’ll have to come damn close, and he’s going to get his hand raised at Hardcore Justice, and that’s damn real.


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