TNA Star Says Whether Sarita Really Had Facial Paralysis

On Twitter, Matt Morgan noted being asked by a fan if Sarita was legitimately stricken with facial paralysis after reading online that it may not be true. “The Blueprint” adamantly says her health issue was legitimate, but only temporary.



“Fan asks me if Sarita “really had partial facial paralysis”, I asked why would he ask this. Answer? He READ IT ONLINE it may be not true! RU serious? Let me clear THAT crap up,” Morgan wrote.

“Not only was Sarita’s face partially TEMPORARILY paralyzed, but fact she STILL didn’t miss a beat makes her one if, if not THE, toughest woman wrestler (or guy) that I’ve ever worked with! That took so much confidence and courage, yet idiots with apparently NO REAL wrestling headlines wanna just print up unfounded fodder? And at a talent who should be commended’s expense? Ugh…”

He continued, “Not a rant. More just defending what I first-hand watched w/MY OWN EYES, my co-worker work through. That’s all.”

The nine-year veteran has resumed appearing without the protective mask in Mexico, but not for TNA. She donned the mask at Sunday’s No Surrender pay-per-view.

“Dr. Lucha” Steve Sims, who has extensively covered lucha libre for several years, stated on recent episodes of the Figure Four Daily podcast that he was very skeptical over her claim of facial paralysis. Figure Four Weekly editor Bryan Alvarez believed her claim to be completely bogus as he went on a rant on the July 27 show questioning why she would continue to wrestle in spite of her apparent condition.

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