Tom Cruise Saves Famous Hollywood Woman From Firing

According to the Independent, in a recent industry-wide controversy, Tom Cruise reportedly came to the defense of his agent, Maha Dakhil, a prominent Hollywood representative whose pro-Palestine social media posts stirred intense criticism. Dakhil, formerly a key talent manager at Creative Artists Agency (CAA), faced backlash for characterizing Israel’s conflict with Hamas as “genocide” on Instagram. She deleted the posts and made her account private, but the fallout had already occurred, with colleagues reportedly offended and some calling the posts “antisemitic.” The controversy prompted filmmaker Aaron Sorkin, a high-profile client of Dakhil, to leave CAA, and even Steven Spielberg’s IMDb pages were edited to remove an incorrect listing of Dakhil as his manager.



Dakhil apologized for her posts, resigned from leadership roles at CAA, but continued working with her clients, including Tom Cruise. Variety reported that Cruise, aged 61, played a direct role in mitigating the fallout for Dakhil, expressing support during a meeting at the CAA office. Dakhil acknowledged her mistake and expressed gratitude to Jewish friends and colleagues who pointed out the implications of her posts.

The situation unfolded against the backdrop of widening divisions in Hollywood over the Israel-Hamas conflict that erupted on October 7. Susan Sarandon, another Hollywood figure, faced repercussions for her remarks at a pro-Palestinian rally in New York City, reportedly being dropped by her agents.

Dakhil’s controversy illustrates the intersection of entertainment, politics, and social media, with influential figures facing consequences for their public statements. The support from Tom Cruise highlights the complexity of relationships in Hollywood and the potential influence of top-tier stars in managing such controversies.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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