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Tommaso Ciampa considers himself a ”god of pro wrestling”

NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa would cut a promo after defeating The Velveteen Dream at an NXT live event in St. Paul a few days ago. He referred to himself as a ”god of pro wrestling”.

“Every time I share this ring with [Velveteen Dream] it reminds me just how damn good he is and every time I beat him, it reminds me I am what I say I am. I’m the greatest damn sports entertainer of all-time. But that really doesn’t matter, because what matters is numbers.

Last year, when I was on the shelf and NXT came to this very building, they had 600 less people paying tickets and that says the damn champ is a draw! Everywhere I go, since returning to this ring eight months ago, think about that, eight months! I’ve been only back for eight months and think of everything that Tommaso Ciampa has accomplished.”

“I am a god of professional wrestling. You should worship every step I take and every word that comes out of my mouth. I am what carries this brand. I single-handedly turned NXT into the ‘A Show.’ I’ll give it up to each and every performer in the back, night and night, giving their all to you.

The facts though remain the same, I’m the guy who holds on to ‘Goldy.’ I’m the guy who holds the most coveted title in all of sports entertainment, that’s because I deserve it! Nobody deserves it more than me. Everyone back there likes to go around and hashtag ‘we are NXT,’ newsflash, I am NXT!”

Prior to that event, at a Green Bay NXT live event, Tommaso Ciampa and Ricochet held up their championships at each other. Ciampa would tease a match between the two by saying ”one day”.

  • jedi

    Have not enjoyed a single aspect since he got the title….