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The departure of Vince McMahon from his role as WWE Chairman in 2022 was a surprise to the entire pro-wrestling industry. Since then, there have been multiple reports suggesting that the company is looking to sell its business and actively seeking offers worldwide. In an effort to impress potential buyers, a recent report indicates that WWE is making significant cost-cutting efforts for WrestleMania 39.



According to an exclusive report from Ringside News, the past few weeks have been tumultuous for WWE, with many confused about the reduced number of staff being brought to LA for the event. The company is reportedly making numerous cuts, including reducing spending on staff. The report suggests that a lot of people will not be attending WrestleMania 39, with more individuals not attending than those who are.

With WWE undergoing significant changes both on-screen and behind the scenes, this is a crucial period for the company as they prepare for a potential sale. According to a report from PW Insider, WWE’s approach to WrestleMania 39 is notably different from previous years, with some speculating that this is an attempt to showcase the “sleekest, strongest WWE they can” to potential buyers.

Reports suggest that WWE will be meeting with interested buyers in April for “first-round bids,” further fueling speculation about the company’s potential sale. However, even if bids are received, there is no certainty that a sale will occur.

WWE is focused on maximizing the profitability of the event within constraints, resulting in some WWE stars’ previously scheduled events being canceled, and additional employees working remotely from their Connecticut offices during the exhibition. International announcers will also be calling the action from their homes rather than attending in person.

As the aftermath of WrestleMania 39 unfolds and WWE’s cost-cutting efforts continue, it remains to be seen how the sale process will be affected.