Triple H Talks to Michael Cole About Vickie Guerrero, Roman Reigns Getting a MITB Spot, More



– Above is Triple H’s latest sitdown interview with Michael Cole. Below are some highlights:

* Triple H is convinced Vickie Guerrero did something to Stephanie McMahon’s drink on RAW, causing her to get sick. Triple H says it will be dealt with.

* He’s unhappy about Vickie putting Roman Reigns in the battle royal, leading to a spot at Money In the Bank. Triple H said that situation will be dealt with on RAW also.

* Triple H said John Cena and Roman Reigns took advantage of an opportunity but are both a long way away from actually climbing the ladder and getting the WWE World Heavyweight Title.

* Regarding the second Money In the Bank ladder match for a future title shot, he confirmed Seth Rollins will be in the match without qualifying.

* Triple H ripped on Daniel Bryan some more. He said Bryan screwed Randy Orton out of his rematch so he’s in the ladder match without qualifying. Triple H said he deserves it.

* He said Money In the Bank is all about one thing – having the honor to tell the world that you’re the absolute best by becoming WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

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